What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Wholesale Cutlery?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Wholesale cutlery is widely available and used in many restaurants around the world. There are, however, pros and cons in choosing wholesale cutlery for use. The ability to save money and easily replace items are pros for using wholesale cutlery, while the typically lighter heft and easy-to-bend characteristics of the utensils can be seen as a con. In some cases, wholesale cutlery can give the illusion of a poorly operated restaurant, especially if the utensils begin to fade and the finish peels off.

There are certain pros to using wholesale cutlery in any establishment, with the bottom line being perhaps near the top of the reasoning chart. The cutlery allows the owner to extend monies in other directions and could make a big difference in the success of a newly opened eatery. The use of wholesale cutlery also makes it possible to have several extra sets of cutlery on hand to replace and damaged or lost pieces. This is a pro because many restaurant owners are forced to replace pieces of cutlery on a regular basis due to theft, wear and damage. Replacing fine silver service could get very costly and could potentially be the difference in remaining open or closing for a new restaurant.

Cons associated with using wholesale cutlery are seen in the appearance of a lower-grade restaurant by some. The absence of heft and the inherent basic design of the wholesale pieces are often noticed by diners who have experienced using fine cutlery in other establishments. The shine and texture of a discount utensil is also seen as a con, as it can often be easily identified by an experienced diner. The wholesale pieces are also not as strong as the higher quality cutlery, so these low-cost pieces will commonly bend easily. Fork tines may curl when used to pierce a piece of meat, and the discount knives are not always sharp or effective at cutting tougher foods.

Occasionally, using wholesale cutlery next to fine china can signal the instability of a business and send the wrong signal to diners. Providing a way to eat a meal in a less-expensive manner is the goal of the discount utensils, however, it can become a con if it begins to cause problems for the restaurant. Some of the customers may see the discount silver as a throwback to a more nostalgic age of dining, and this can be viewed as a pro if it generates a good feeling for the business.

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