What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Designer Cologne?

Lori Kilchermann

There are many pros and cons to using designer cologne, and the duration and strength of the scent and the amount required to produce the scent are among the many pros. Making up some of the cons to using a designer cologne are the small quantities that are typically packaged, the inability to match the fragrance with other commercially produced product scents, such as deodorant, and perhaps the greatest con of all, price. The large number of designer cologne fragrances available make the choice between using the designer brand or a commercially produced cologne — for either a man or woman — a difficult choice without comparing the pros and cons of each.

Designer cologne is often purchased in smaller amounts than commercially-produced colognes.
Designer cologne is often purchased in smaller amounts than commercially-produced colognes.

Some of the pros to using a more expensive type of designer cologne begin with the duration of the scent as compared to a commercially produced version. The quality oils and fragrances used in the production of the designer cologne result in a scent that lasts far longer than most commercially available brands. This also rings true for the relatively small amount of the designer brand that is required to produce the same intensity of scent that the lesser versions are able to produce. Activated by body heat, the designer fragrance has the ability to become stronger as the body heat is increased from close contact or activities, such as dancing.

Designer cologne is commonly purchased in much smaller amounts than commercially produced colognes. This is often seen as a con to buying the designer version of a product. Often, a buyer will elect to purchase a lesser quality product simply because it can be purchased in a much larger quantity than the designer brand. Other cons to buying a designer fragrance are the often difficult ability to match the intense fragrance of a designer scent to that of a commercially produced antiperspirant or shampoo.

Price also plays an important role in the decision-making process. The cost of a designer cologne can often be several times that of a larger quantity of a commercially produced version. Often, a consumer will consider all of the other purchases that could be made if not for the designer fragrance purchase. This single con is the reason for many shoppers choosing to forgo the designer fragrance in lieu of a less-expensive brand. Many times, a savvy shopper is able to purchase a very similar knock-off fragrance at a greatly reduced cost, allowing a nearly identical cologne to be obtained for a fraction of the price.

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