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What are the Healing Codes?

Christina Hall
Christina Hall

The healing codes are a regimen of energy medicine founded by Dr. Alex Loyd in 2001. According to Loyd, the codes activate a self-healing mechanism that lies dormant in the human body. He purports that the immune system is capable of curing almost any disease, but that it is crippled in most individuals because of a lifetime of physical and emotional stress that render it relatively useless against pathogenic and mental illness. The healing codes work on four energy centers that Loyd discovered in a moment of insight while trying to find an effective treatment for his wife’s treatment-resistant depression. The codes are a set of energy medicine sequences that can be implemented for a myriad of root conditions that he says, if left unchecked, grow into serious diseases like cancer and debilitating anxiety.

Research shows that the physiological reaction within the human body that occurs after a stressful event is similar to the reaction of the body from the memory of the event. According to the healing codes, when an individual relives significant memories often times layered in years of negative emotion, the body becomes overstressed and unable to heal itself effectively. This negative or low-vibrational energy can be recognized with the healing codes, and in turn, replaced with positive vibrational energy by following the sequences that the regimen employs. Loyd says that an individual’s spiritual heart is a collection of memories stored primarily as images; when the images are invoked in a more positive light, they cannot continue to harm the individual physically and mentally.

Anatomical model of the human body
Anatomical model of the human body

When practicing the healing codes, an individual can direct positive energy to areas that need treatment by focusing intently in a meditative state. The practice is often times preempted by a prayer or “truth statement.” The codes can be practiced for one’s self, another person, and sometimes even for animals. The meditations usually rotate between two of the prescribed codes, and a full healing code session lasts about 20 minutes.

Since the discovery of the method, the healing codes have gained popularity as an effective way to treat illness. There is a growing community of professional practitioners and patients who adamantly claim that they have been helped by the system. Although the healing codes cannot claim to cure, mitigate, or treat serious disease, there is persuasive anecdotal and some scientific evidence that they are effective.

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    • Anatomical model of the human body
      Anatomical model of the human body