What Are the Features of a Heart Face Shape?

T. Carrier

Beauty experts and hair stylists often categorize the human face into different shapes. Particular facial descriptions include the following: round, oval, square, oblong, diamond, and heart-shaped. Individuals with a heart face shape do not have uniform and equal facial dimensions. Rather, the top portion of the face above the nose is larger. As the face moves toward the chin, it slopes inward. The chin itself may thus be pointed and narrow.

Beauty professionals recommend different cosmetics depending on an individual's face shape.
Beauty professionals recommend different cosmetics depending on an individual's face shape.

A heart face shape bears this particular name because its specific shape is somewhat reminiscent of the traditional heart symbol seen on Valentine’s Day cards. The shape could also be thought of as an upside-down triangle. In both comparisons, the most obvious and eye-catching feature is the large upper portion of the object. Similarly, individuals with heart-shaped faces tend to have a wide forehead and wide cheekbones. Upper facial features may or may not reflect this wideness via big eyes or a larger-than-average nose.

The chin area most distinguishes a heart face shape from other facial shapes. Individuals with a round or oval face usually possess more rounded chins, while somewhat flat chins often characterize a square face. Heart face chins, however, are considerably smaller, less wide, and sometimes even pointed. This feature invokes the image of the curved and joined lines of a heart symbol that meet in a single bottom point. Since the jawbones must slope significantly for this effect, a non-prominent jaw line is commonplace as well.

While face shapes may be guessed from appearance, scientific measurements can also help determine if individuals have a heart face shape. If curious, individuals can measure the forehead, the cheeks, and the jaw width-wise from the widest points. In addition, a lengthwise measurement from the top of the face, the hairline, to the bottom, the chin, should be taken, although this measurement is more significant in determining other face shapes. The tell-tale indicators of a heart face shape are when the numerical measurements for the chin are significantly lower than the relatively wide cheeks and forehead measurements.

Women in particular often wish to know their specific facial shape for makeup, jewelry, and hairstyling choices. Beauty professionals recommend different cosmetic and hair approaches depending on face shape. For the heart face shape, they frequently advise makeup selections that highlight the eyes and cheekbones, as these are the focal features of this facial type. Hairstylists, on the other hand, often recommend full hair at the top with medium-size waves or wisps of hair that tease the jawline and chin. Such a hairstyle could make the small chin appear wider, as can certain jewelry selections like tight necklaces.

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