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What are the Different Ways to Pay a Cable Bill?

Mary Ellen Popolo
Mary Ellen Popolo

There are four common ways to pay a cable bill — in person, by mail, online, or by telephone. A less common method of paying a cable bill is by setting up a recurring automatic payment. The availability of these options depend on the cable provider but most accept all five of these methods.

To pay a cable bill in person, the customer needs to find a convenient payment location. This can be done by searching the cable company website for a listing of these places. The customer then brings the bill along with the payment to the payment location. Most cable companies accept cash, personal checks, credit cards, and money orders.

Cable bills can typically be paid online.
Cable bills can typically be paid online.

Customers can also pay their bill by mailing in a payment. The cable bill usually has a return payment section that is torn off and returned with the payment. Payment can be made with a check or money order that is submitted with the payment stub in the return envelope provided but are responsible for providing the necessary postage.

It is becoming more common to pay bills online. To pay a cable bill online, the customer goes to the cable company's website and logs into his account, though first-time users need to set up an account. Once in the account area, checking account information and payment information is entered and then processed. Payments processed online usually are credited to the account within 24 hours.

Most bills can be paid by mail.
Most bills can be paid by mail.

Some cable companies provide an option to pay over the telephone. To do so, the customer calls a number, which is usually toll-free, provided on the cable bill. The customer then follows the prompts and enters information such as their account number, payment amount, checking account number, and bank routing number. Some companies charge a processing fee for telephone payments, and customers should be advised of the fee before the payment is processed.

Another option used to pay a cable bill is an automatic monthly withdrawal. Customers provide the cable company with their checking account, savings account, or credit card information. Each month when the payment becomes due, it is automatically withdrawn from the bank account or charged to the credit card.

Payments made in person, online, by telephone or by automatic monthly withdrawal are the quickest methods of payment since payments are usually processed the same day. These methods can avoid late payment charges or service interruptions if payment is made on or close to the due date. Payment by mail is the slowest method of payment because it takes time for the payment to arrive at the payment center and be processed, so customers should always mail payments before the due date to allow for delivery and processing time.

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    • Cable bills can typically be paid online.
      By: adam36
      Cable bills can typically be paid online.
    • Most bills can be paid by mail.
      By: sepy
      Most bills can be paid by mail.