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What are the Different Ways to Obtain Driving Records?

Renee Booker
Renee Booker

A person's driving record may be needed for a variety of reasons. Insurance companies often request driving records before agreeing to insure a driver. Employers also frequently require an employee to submit a driving record before tendering an offer of employment. In most cases, a driver or other authorized requester, may obtain driving records through the mail, in person, or online.

Many jurisdictions offer licensed drivers the option to view or print their own driving record through the official Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website. Although the name of the agency that administers and oversees driver records may vary by jurisdiction, there will be an agency in each jurisdiction that is in charge of driver records. Often, driving records are considered public record, which makes it rather easy to obtain driving records. With basic identifying information for the record needed, anyone can log on to the agency website and obtain driving records.

Driving records may be requested in person or through the mail.
Driving records may be requested in person or through the mail.

Driving records may also be requested in person or through the mail. Most agencies provide a form that must be filled out when requesting records through the mail or in person. The requester will need to provide information regarding the record requested and provide proof of identity.

If a certified copy of the driving record is required, then a mail or in-person request will be necessary to obtain driving records. A certified copy is a copy that includes an official seal and signature attesting to the record's authenticity. A certified copy is often required by potential employers.

A fee is frequently charged to obtain driving records. The fee will vary by jurisdiction, but is often higher when a detailed history is requested. The fee charged will also be higher for a certified copy.

Before requesting a copy of a driving record, a person should check the laws in the jurisdiction where the records are kept to determine whether the records are considered public record or not. If they are public record then anyone may request a record for any reason. If, however, they are not public records, then a civil or criminal penalty could apply if a person attempts to obtain driving records that are not his or her own records.

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    • Driving records may be requested in person or through the mail.
      By: beeboys
      Driving records may be requested in person or through the mail.