What are the Different Visual Merchandiser Jobs?

Carol Francois

There are at least four different visual merchandiser jobs available: designer, implementation coordinator, supervisor and manager. Visual merchandising involves the tasks that control how a store or product is displayed. This industry is commonly found in retail organizations and any setting where materials are displayed for potential purchasers. The display of a product involves the creation of a setting, the appropriate use of space and the use of color and accessories to help the purchaser identify the product. In many organizations, the different visual merchandiser jobs are located in the merchandising or sales department.

The display of items in stores can help them sell better.
The display of items in stores can help them sell better.

In order for applicants to qualify for the range of visual merchandiser jobs, most employers require a minimum two-year college program in design or the visual arts. The ability to combine colors, textures and accessories, along with an understanding of style and visual appeal, are critical in this job. Candidates without formal training might need to provide a portfolio of their work in the visual arts to demonstrate their skills to potential employers.

A visual merchandiser is responsible for creating and staging displays in a retail setting.
A visual merchandiser is responsible for creating and staging displays in a retail setting.

As a designer, the primary responsibilities of a visual merchandiser include creating the template for product arrangement, identifying the target audience for the product and obtaining approval for the overall design. This process typically involves a series of meetings with the client or the product line manager to discuss sales targets and the overall marketing campaign. Excellent communication and brainstorming skills are required in this role.

The implementation coordinator is responsible for the actual setup and execution of the designer's plan. He or she must ensure that all of the required items are available, review the planning document and set up the actual product display. In many organizations, he or she is responsible for a physical area and travels to the stores or locations to ensure that displays are set up correctly. This role might include working with local store staff members to demonstrate how to clean and maintain the display.

A supervisor in visual merchandising is responsible for the coordination of multiple product lines. He or she works with the designer, implementer and client to ensure that the full product plan is properly implemented and supported. Additional responsibilities include human resources, accounting and overall administration.

In different visual merchandiser jobs, there are a range of expectations. A manager is responsible for the overall project plan and execution. Working with a team of support staff members, the manager creates the implementation plan, coordinates communication with the client and works to ensure that the entire process is smooth and helps to meet sales targets.

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