What are the Different Uses for Stone Paving?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell
Stone paving might be used to create a patio.
Stone paving might be used to create a patio.

There are several uses for stone paving in both residential and commercial settings. These diverse building stones are ideal for constructing driveways, patio floors, and are also used as decking material around pools and other water features. Stone pavers are also commonly found in retaining walls and other garden accessories, such as walkways and sidewalks. Landscapers and homeowners often include stone pavers in projects because of their durability and versatility, as well as the wide selection of styles, colors, and patterns available. It is not unusual for homeowners to hire a professional landscaper to install the pavers, though many people also enjoy success with do-it-yourself projects using this building material.

Driveway paving is one of the most common uses for stone paving. The pavers are ideal for this purpose as they are almost immovable once set, and provide durability under almost continuous strain. While desirable for their many benefits, stone pavers are more expensive for driveway construction than other materials like gravel and concrete.

Another popular use for stone paving is in patio design. Pavers are used to create beautiful and stable foundations for all sorts of patio and deck applications. They can be arranged in every imaginable shape and design to suit the space and purpose of the patio. Many people with in-ground pools also choose to use stone pavers as decking material. Some benefit of pavers used this way is they are naturally slip resistant, and also offer the homeowner another option for creating an attractive pool setting.

Stone paving materials are also frequently used to create sidewalks and garden walkways. Many people choose to have these walkways installed to highlight specific parts of the yard or garden, or as pathways to recreational areas such as the patio or pool area. Sidewalks are most commonly designed to lead from the driveway or road to the front entrance of a home or business. Using stone pavers allows the landscaper to make the walkway as long and wide as needed for each client.

Retaining walls are another application that often uses stone paving materials. Many home improvement experts suggest this material because it is more attractive than other commonly used wall materials, provides great durability, and is easy to work with. Retaining walls can frequently be found supporting hills and the land near bodies of water, such as creeks and streams. It is not unusual for homeowners to take advantage of the need for retaining walls and design them around small sitting areas.

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    • Stone paving might be used to create a patio.
      By: Christopher Dodge
      Stone paving might be used to create a patio.