What are the Different Uses for Bird Traps?

Anna T.
Anna T.
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

There are normally just two primary uses for bird traps. Some people use bird traps to capture birds and remove them from their property or other areas. People also frequently use bird traps to help them catch birds to eat, which might be essential in a survival situation where capturing a bird for food might equal the difference between life and death. Trapping birds is considered a humane method of bird removal for people who use them to capture and relocate problematic birds. It is possible to purchase traps that are ready made at most garden centers, but many people opt to construct their own traps instead of purchasing them.

Birds can occasionally be incredibly problematic to have around. People often want to eliminate certain birds from their immediate surroundings because they might be excessively noisy or might be causing property damage. There are poisons and other types of traps available that will kill the birds, but many people prefer to use humane methods for bird removal. Bird traps are a very popular method to use for getting rid of troublesome birds. With these traps, the birds can be lured in, captured, and then relocated to an area far away so that they do not cause any more problems.

People who are out on hiking or camping excursions could benefit from taking bird traps along. Chances are slim that the traps will be needed, but in the event that a person gets lost in the woods, the traps could be very valuable for catching birds to eat when no other food is readily available. Instead of relocating the captured bird, someone in need of food would kill the bird after capturing it and prepare it for consumption. Some traps can be purchased or built to kill the birds as soon as they are captured in much the same way that a rat trap kills a rat. Traps like these might be preferable for a person who is using the trap for the sole purpose of capturing a bird for food.

Even though bird traps can be purchased at stores, it is not usually too difficult to make one from scratch. In most cases, a large rock and some sticks are all that is needed to make a trap. Using some form of bait, such as seed or nuts, a heavy rock can be situated just above the bait with the rock held in place by sticks that are cut at the ends with notches to fit into each other for support. When the bird goes after the bait, the rock will usually fall on top of it, which will either kill it or hold it in place until it can be removed from the area.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips