What are the Different Types of Yard Sweepers?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
A leaf blower helps clean leaves from a large outdoor area.
A leaf blower helps clean leaves from a large outdoor area.

There are various types of yard sweepers, also called lawn sweepers, including manual models and power-driven sweepers. All types of yard sweepers are designed for yard maintenance. Some yard sweepers are pulled by a power lawnmower. Electric blowers are another type of yard sweeper for lawn care.

Many yard sweepers are powered by a gasoline engine or motor. Many companies use these machines for professional services. The gas-powered yard sweepers are generally more expensive than the other types. These gas-driven sweepers have greater capacity and blowing speeds than manual yard sweepers. These machines are also known as leaf blowers.

Most commonly, a lawn sweeper that is power driven with a motor will roll on ball-bearing type wheels. It will typically be able to handle a large lawn or yard area, while cleaning up debris and leaves. Some have detachable guard chutes for various side cleaning efforts.

Push yard sweepers are not self-propelled, which means these models must be pushed manually. There is typically more physical work involved with a push lawn sweeper, but there are a few advantages to owning this type of sweeper. These are considerably less expensive than power sweepers or lawn vacuums. There is no gasoline involved, so that will also save on costs. These models are also considered more environmentally friendly because they do not burn gasoline.

A push lawn sweeper will typically employ a large bag that attaches to the machine. The bag holds the debris that is picked up by the sweeper and is typically made of a sturdy vinyl material. Many of these sweepers have a height-adjustment feature for pushing over various levels and surfaces. In addition to push yard sweepers, there are models that can be attached to a power lawnmower. These are typically more costly than manual sweepers.

Another type of lawn sweeper is an electric blower that may be used as a yard vacuum as well. These versatile tools are gasoline powered and hand held. Lightweight yet powerful, they typically have angled tubing, which allows for greater maneuverability. Some of these blowers feature ergonomically designed handles for comfort and safety.

Electric blowers are a type of equipment that can convert from standard yard sweeping to vacuuming up leaves and other trash. The mode settings are typically determined with a switch of a button on the machine. Most all of these tools run on electric power. This quality makes many people consider these models an environmentally friendly choice.

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    • A leaf blower helps clean leaves from a large outdoor area.
      By: Fotolia RAW
      A leaf blower helps clean leaves from a large outdoor area.