What are the Different Types of Yard Carts?

Patti Kate

There are various types of yard cards, all designed for multi-tasking projects. These yard carts may be made from heavy-duty plastic material or metal. Some have four wheels, others are made with two. Yard carts are also available in various sizes. Some utility carts are designed for landscaping work, others to assist with minor transport tasks.

Yard carts can be attached to riding mowers to assist with gardening and landscaping tasks.
Yard carts can be attached to riding mowers to assist with gardening and landscaping tasks.

Whether referred to as a lawn cart, yard cart, or yard wagon, all basically serve the same purpose of helping to make yard work easier. Many of the more expensive yard carts are typically constructed of steel, with a metal or plastic handle and rubberized grip. Some of these utility carts are flatbed style. These can generally hold a heavy amount of weight of non-liquid items.

Some yard carts have replaceable wheels. Flatbed styles may be used on farms for tasks such as hauling bales of hay. Clearing pathways from large stones and rocks is another use of a lawn cart, either flatbed or wheelbarrow style. For home use, these carts can be practical for relocating large potted plants. Some of the different types of yard carts may need to be assembled when purchased from a retail store.

Another type of yard cart is a garden dump cart. This style can be found in heavy plastic or sometimes steel. These dump style carts are versatile for hauling items and dumping soil and mulch. Many people also use these when replanting shrubs and plants.

Some lawn carts feature handles that fold all the way flat, allowing the individual to use the cart for seating while doing work. Some people find this less stressful on the back when doing yard chores. These carts are typically made of plastic, with four wheels and a removable tray.

Some yard carts are constructed of wood. Wooden lawn carts typically have a powder type coating over the construction. Many are wheelbarrow style.

Utility-style farm carts may be rectangular in shape. These are generally larger than other styles, and the bed may be constructed of heavy-duty plastic. These are generally designed to attach easily to power riding lawn mowers to assist with gardening and landscaping tasks.

Some types of carts are designed to fold down. Foldable lawn carts are created for compact storage. Many individuals like the convenience of being able to easily store these in a corner of the shed. Designed for those who have limited space such as apartment residents, these utility carts may be constructed of steel, with canvas material siding. Many of these come fully assembled as well.

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