What are the Different Types of Yard Blowers? (with picture)

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann
Yard blowers help rid yards of leaves.
Yard blowers help rid yards of leaves.

Yard blowers are machines used by homeowners to blow leaves, grass clippings and other debris out of their yards. Powered by gas or electric motors, yard blowers come with many sizes and configurations to choose from. From small, rechargeable battery-powered units to electric hand-held yard blowers that use an extension cord to provide the power, there is an environmentally-friendly electric model to please just about everyone. For those needing a self-powered blower, there are many sizes of gasoline engine-powered models to choose from.

Yard blowers first came into vogue around the time the string lawn trimmer made its appearance. Suddenly, the homeowner could use the same type of tools that the professional landscapers used to manicure high-dollar properties. Using equipment such as yard blowers, homeowners were able to rid their yards of leaves much faster than traditional raking would permit. Sidewalks, garage floors and patios were being blown clean of dirt and debris and the operators were not tired out completing the chore.

For owners of larger yards, yard blowers were being fitted to lawn tractors. The tractor-mounted blowers made it possible to sweep a yard while driving a tractor. This meant that the chore could also be combined with other tasks, such as mowing the lawn. By adding a hose and a catch basket, the tractor-mounted yard blowers could be converted to catch the debris in a basket which could then be emptied wherever the homeowner would like. Driveways were reaping the benefit of the tractor-mounted blower as owners were using the accessory to blow the driveway clean.

While hand-held units are most popular, professional landscaping crews often utilize a backpack model of blower. This backpack unit allows a worker to use the blower for extended periods while sparing the tired arms and hands from carrying it around. The vibration and noise is redirected away from the operator and absorbed and displaced throughout the blower's chassis. Space-age alloys and advancements in engine design have made the yard blowers extremely light and long-lasting.

Focus on economy and fuel savings have led to the creation of yard blowers that can operate for long periods on a single tank of fuel. Advancements in battery design now allow rechargeable units to operate for hours on a single charge. For the gardener that does not like to return to the garage frequently, some blower models also convert into string trimmers, allowing two jobs to be done with one tool.

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    • Yard blowers help rid yards of leaves.
      Yard blowers help rid yards of leaves.