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What Are the Different Types of Xbox® Kinect® Accessories?

Henry Gaudet
Henry Gaudet

Four distinct types of Xbox® Kinect® accessories are generally available. Many of the most common accessories are mounts and cables, which help to make it easier to install and place the Kinect® device. Zoom lenses are available to allow the Kinect® to be used in smaller rooms. Props can be purchased to be used with games for greater immersion and comfort during play. Some games include the props and devices needed to use the game as intended.

Mounts are perhaps the most common Xbox® Kinect® accessories on the market. The Kinect® unit was originally designed as a set-top box, with a camera pointing straight ahead into the center of the room. Set top mounts are available to secure the Kinect® to the top of a flatscreen television. In situations where this is not practical, such as when the television is fixed to the wall, free standing or wall mounted stands are available.

Set top mounts can secure a Kinect® to the top of a flatscreen television.
Set top mounts can secure a Kinect® to the top of a flatscreen television.

Depending on the location of the television and furniture in the room, extension cables may be required. Placement of the television, Xbox&reg:, and Kinect® will all have a bearing on the need for extension cables. The location of electrical outlets may also require the use of power adapters with extensions. Creative use of Xbox® Kinect® accessories like these allow the Kinect® to be used in rooms that would otherwise be unsuitable.

Kinect® was designed with a large open space in mind, and are difficult to use in smaller rooms. Using special lens accessories allows users to stand closer to the television. These Xbox® Kinect® accessories can also alter the field of vision, allowing players to stand further apart and avoid hitting one another. Users should note that these accessories do alter the image being received, and this alteration may have an effect on play.

While Xbox® Kinect® is a “controllerless” system, some games do include Xbox® Kinect® accessories to be used during play. These props may offer deeper play by adding other forms of player input. Touch sensitive dance mats, for example, allow the system to track not only the player’s moves, but foot placement. Exercise games which can monitor the pulse with a worn monitor can help users to keep heart rates in the target range.

Other Kinect® games do not come with accessories, but call on the player to mime different activities. Props are available for some of these games, most notably those based on sports. These Xbox® Kinect® accessories offer greater comfort, improved form and a deeper sense of immersion in the game experience.

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    • Set top mounts can secure a Kinect® to the top of a flatscreen television.
      By: naypong
      Set top mounts can secure a Kinect® to the top of a flatscreen television.