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What Are the Different Types of Wine Decor?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Wine decor can be placed in almost any room of the house although it is most often used in a kitchen or dining room. Some pieces are actually wall decor such as paintings, signs or murals that have pictures of wine bottles or glasses on them. Some room decor could include wallpaper or borders with grape vines, wine glasses, or crackers and cheese. These home decorations could be functional in nature, such as wine racks or special cupboards to hang wine glasses in. Party decor could be used for a special occasion and might include napkins, paper plates, and balloons.

Kitchens and dining rooms that have very simple cabinetry and flooring can be a good place to use wine decor. This might be in the way of wall hangings or signs depicting different wine decanters or glasses. Some might contain scenes of a country orchard or vineyard, and these scenes might also be printed on canisters, place mats, or curtains to name a few.

Wine racks can be decorative and functional.
Wine racks can be decorative and functional.

Wallpaper is another type of wine decor often used in this type of interior design. Some pieces could simply be borders with pictures of grapes, wine bottle labels, or vineyards. These might be used in conjunction with full sheets of wallpaper in a beige or light gray color so it will blend with the background of the border. Other times, the wall decor could be murals that depict an Italian-style building along with wine glasses and fruit in baskets.

Some wine decor is designed with a specific function in mind, and an example of this might be a wine rack. This functional decor comes in many styles and sizes so the rack can be used to store only a few bottles of wine or several dozen. Some functional decor might be hung on the wall, while others are freestanding units. Models might be made from wood or metal, and some also have a storage area for hanging glasses as well.

There are decorations available for special events such as wine-tasting parties. These might include special plates, disposable wine glasses or napkins with pictures of grapes or wine bottles on them. This unique decor could be used in conjunction with balloons or banners welcoming guests to the special event. Party decorations such as this come in many colors, so it can be easy for a host to find wine decor that will match the interior design of nearly any home.

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    • Wine racks can be decorative and functional.
      By: nikitos77
      Wine racks can be decorative and functional.