What are the Different Types of Waterproof Poncho?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams
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Woman posing

A versatile piece of rain gear, the waterproof poncho provides protection from the elements. Though there are many types of rain gear, the waterproof poncho distinctly stands out as the most popular choice for many people. The waterproof poncho comes in a number of different weights and levels of water resistance. Some are so thin that they are intended to be disposed of after one use, while others are so thick that they are as heavy and durable as canvas. This one-piece cape is worn blanket-style and draped over the wearer's body, covering nearly all of the person while still allowing for nearly complete freedom of movement. The purpose of the waterproof poncho is to prevent any water from reaching the clothing underneath.

The basic difference between a waterproof poncho and the traditional raincoat is that the poncho does not have sleeves. The poncho affords the wearer to be able to easily slip it over any type of clothing without adding bulk or causing limited mobility. To secure the poncho closer to the body, often there will be snaps or closures of some kind under the arm. This way they can be fastened if additional rain protection is needed. The closures differ dependent on the type of poncho. A light poncho will have a punch button fastener, while a more durable type of heavy canvas poncho may have a hook and eye fastener or a metal snap closure.

Different types of ponchos are made from a variety of fabrics and can be waterproofed in a number of different ways. These ponchos are often made of nylon or polyethylene. They can also be made with a heavy, durable canvas type fabric that is then treated with a water retardant. The fabrics or materials the ponchos are made of range greatly in their thickness. Some types of ponchos are merely water resistant, while others are entirely waterproof.

Although some waterproof ponchos are crafted from heavy, durable fabric, most are light. This this type of poncho is quite easy to store. Some waterproof ponchos are so thin that they can be folded and stored in a person's pocket. The only disadvantage to this type of poncho is that it is not as durable as its heavier counter part and tends to blow around if winds or torrents of rain fall, exposing the wearer to the inclement elements.

The disposable type of waterproof ponchos are an option for those desiring to travel light. The problem with the disposable poncho is that it is not durable. It is good for one or two uses at most, and then, as the name states, it is intended to be disposed of.

A popular added feature of any type of waterproof poncho is a hood. The hood adds the additional protection for the wearer's head but also keeps the neck area dry and prevents water from rolling down the back. Whatever type of poncho a person chooses, it proves to be a handy accessory when weather turns from sunshine to rain.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing