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What are the Different Types of Walkway Stepping Stones?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Many people prefer placing stepping stones in their yard rather than pouring concrete or having bricks laid. This is typically because walkway stepping stones are often considered durable yet inexpensive. One of the main types available is natural stone, which is usually attractive but among the more costly options for stepping stones. Concrete is usually a less expensive choice for stepping stones, especially since these types can be made at home by consumers. On the other hand, some people prefer rubber stepping stones since they are soft yet durable.

Natural stone is what often comes to mind when many people think of walkway stepping stones. These steps can be made out of flagstone, sandstone, or limestone, to name some of the most popular stones. Despite the fact that this material is natural, it is also usually the most expensive type of stepping stone to buy. This is likely because these walkway stepping stones are usually unique and charming, as each one is usually different from the others. Additionally, homeowners have a lot of choices when purchasing these stepping stones, since they are available in varying shapes, shades, and thicknesses.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Those looking to save money while getting durable walkway stepping stones may opt for the concrete kind. Unlike a concrete patio, this type of stepping stone does not usually need to be poured by professionals. In fact, there are kits available that allow consumers to make a customized concrete stepping stone by putting their handprints or footprints in the wet concrete, though of course it may get expensive to purchase several of these kits. Concrete walkway stepping stones can also be dyed or stamped in order to create a unique look for the yard. They may even be made to look like natural stones, allowing homeowners to get the look of natural stepping stones for less money.

There is also the option of rubber walkway stepping stones, which are considered eco-friendly due to the fact that they are usually made of recycled items. This type of stepping stone offers comfort since it is rather soft, but at the same time, it is quite durable. This is because rubber does not tend to crack or chip, unlike concrete or stone might over time or due to extreme pressure. Thus, rubber walkway stepping stones are usually stronger than one might think, and are usually easy on the feet so that shoes are not even always necessary when walking through the yard.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing