What Are the Different Types of Voicemail Transcription?

Jeremy Laukkonen

There are many different types of voicemail transcription, including services that are offered by both phone companies and third parties. The two main types of transcription services use either voice to text software or human transcribers. Many of the services that use voice to text software provide several different voicemail transcription packages based on factors such as accuracy, message length, and number of messages per month. Services that use human transcribers are often more accurate, but may be slower in some cases and are almost always more expensive. Some transcription services are only available for cellular phones, while others may be used with virtually any phone line, and can also be accessed via the Internet.

Some companies will transcribe voicemails into text and send that text as an email or short message service (SMS) message.
Some companies will transcribe voicemails into text and send that text as an email or short message service (SMS) message.

Voicemail transcription is a service that is capable of rendering spoken messages into text. This text can then be sent to the user through email, short message service (SMS) or a number of other means depending on the user's needs. The two main ways that transcription takes place involve either automated software or human transcribers. Automated voicemail transcription typically makes use of voice recognition software and often provides different levels of service. Free packages usually offer less accurate transcriptions and fewer messages per month, while premium services are often very accurate depending on the complexity of the message.

The other type of voicemail transcription makes use of human transcribers instead of voice recognition software. When a company employs skilled transcribers, this kind of service will typically provide transcriptions that are very accurate even for the most complex messages. Voice recognition software can be accurate as well, but sometimes fails to recognize nuances that a human transcriber can pick up. The speed of these services can vary depending on how many transcribers are working at any given time. Privacy is typically guaranteed by contracts that the transcribers sign when they are hired.

Some voicemail transcription services are offered by phone companies, while others are provided by third parties. Phone companies sometimes offer the service as an added cost each month, while others will provide it for free if asked. Activation is typically a matter of calling customer service or logging on to a webpage. Most third parties offer their services through a downloadable smartphone application, though some also have Internet based interfaces.

Different voicemail transcription services also provide a variety of ways to access transcribed messages. Some services send each transcribed voicemail as an SMS text message, and simply cut it off if it is too long. In this case the full message will often be provided through an Internet based interface. Other services send out multiple texts per voicemail in order to provide the entire message. Email is another common option for receiving transcribed voicemails, and does nto have the length restrictions.

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