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What Are the Different Types of Trombone Cases?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud

The trombone is a popular brass instrument played with a slide that the user operates to change pitches. There are various sizes of trombone cases to fit the different types of trombones. Several materials are available to choose from when shopping for trombone cases as well.

Cases can be purchased based on size of the instrument. The varying styles of trombone include tenor, alto, soprano, and bass. Tenor and bass trombone are the most widely available.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

Lightweight or heavy-duty hardshell are the main types of cases. Lightweight cases are a viable option for easy instrument transportation and are made from foam covered in nylon. These have strong impact protection, similar the the effect a bike helmet has in absorbing the force of impact across a wide surface.

These lightweight trombone cases come in black with secure zipper systems. They are often the most economically priced trombone cases and can be purchased new or used. There are one-size-fits all models available for different sizes of trombones. The musician can also purchase a lightweight case customized to a tenor, alto, soprano, or bass trombone.

These lightweight options are generally the best choice for musicians traveling abroad. While protection to the instrument is not quite as solid as a hardshell option, they have extra zipper pouches for trombone accessories. A few backpack options are also available for the trombone to be easily strapped to the player’s back.

Heavy-duty, hardshell trombone cases are available for all types of trombones. They can be contoured to a bass, alto, soprano, or tenor trombone. These units are slightly more expensive than lightweight models but are more readily available as they have been in manufacturing much longer. Thus, more used models are in circulation for discounted prices.

Hardshell trombone cases are most widely available for tenor and brass trombones. They come as heavy-duty aluminum cases with bolted handles. Purchasing online commonly includes free shipping.

These cases include lockable latches that can be opened with a key lock or combination. Trombone players commonly opt out of using the key lock system. Should the key be lost, the case cannot be opened. Thieves also opt to take the entire case regardless of whether it is locked or not. Musicians can take measures against thievery by keeping a close eye on their gear, keeping their trailers locked, and spray-painting their names on the trombone cases.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar