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What are the Different Types of Tree Plaques?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Planting a tree is often a popular way to memorialize a lost loved one or commemorate a special occasion. To identify trees planted for these special purposes, people generally mark them with tree plaques. Some of the different types of tree plaques include welcome plaques, personalized plaques and memorial plaques. Address plaques are another type of tree plaque. Tree plaques used for assigned or reserved parking are a common type as well.

Memorial tree plaques are common tree markers. These plaques are a way of honoring a departed loved one. Some companies mount memorial tree plaques in honor of a founder who is deceased. Some pet owners have memorial tree plaques created in memory of a cherished pet who has died. Some of these memorials are engraved with personal quotes or short verses.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Some special plaques are designed simply to identify trees themselves. These are sometimes referred to as tree identification plaques. The plaque may be engraved with the name of the tree, the age, and the height. There may be a short description of the tree engraved on the plaque.

Many tree ornamental plaques are constructed of ceramic, though some may be made of steel. Shapes may vary, and plaques are commonly rectangular or oval. Not all outdoor plaques have engraving on them. Some of these plaques are created with a design or a picture. Personalized tree plaques may feature a laser-etched photo.

Themed tree plaques may be used at Christmas time and feature a holiday theme. This may include ceramic Christmas tree designs or Santa Claus designs. Tree plaques to commemorate other holidays such as Valentine's Day and Halloween are other types.

Anniversary plaques to display on trees can be personalized. These types of plaques are generally designed to commemorate a wedding anniversary. A tree plaque may be personalized with the date of other anniversaries as well.

Tree-mounted plaques may be personalized and custom made to announce the birth of a child. Otherwise known as infant birth announcement plaques, these may be mounted on a tree. Most are hand crafted from wood with a choice of custom designs. The name and birth date of the new baby will typically be engraved on the plaque, along with a customized phrase.

Some individuals who plant a tree in memory of a loved one also have a special plaque custom created to mount on that tree. These are typically made of cast stone. Some may be mounted onto the tree and other styles may be placed along side of the tree.

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      Woman posing