What Are the Different Types of Trainee Trader Jobs?

K. Reynolds
K. Reynolds
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There are numerous types of trainee trader jobs available in the market depending upon the goals and strategies of the company offering the trainee program. Trainee trader jobs can often revolve around foreign exchange, commodity, and futures trading and these jobs can vary dramatically depending upon the trading strategy of the company. Many companies focus on short term trading strategies, while other firms specialize in long term trading opportunities. The assets being traded as well as the trading methodology of the firm both play an important role in the creation of a wide variety of trainee trader jobs across the globe.

Many trading firms have trainee trader jobs that revolve around day trading. In this position, aspiring traders are required to take a training class that will educate them on the techniques and strategies implemented by the company. Upon the completion of the training, these trainees will be allowed to trade the investment capital of the firm and will receive a percentage of the profits gained. These types of trainee trader jobs require that traders have excellent math, computer, and analytical skills as these skills will be needed to conduct profitable trades on a daily basis. Generally, this position is performance based as traders are only compensated based on the profit generated from their trades.

Another trainee trader job is that of a financial representative. This sector consists of individuals who deliver various financial services to high net-worth clients. Financial representatives are responsible for executing a variety of trades for their clients in numerous markets. This job requires excellent interpersonal skills because financial representatives must often engage with their clients on a regular basis to determine the trading strategy that will best accomplish the the client's objectives and goals.

Foreign exchange, commonly known as forex, is another area in which trainee trader jobs can be found. These positions teach individuals how to trade the currencies of various countries against one another. In addition to trading duties, a forex trainee trader will also be required to conduct extensive research on the economic health of numerous countries, including examining economic growth and unemployment rates, in order to determine which currencies to buy or sell.

A commodities trainee trader is another popular type of trainee trader job. This position requires that the trainee execute a variety of profitable trades in the commodities market. These trades can revolve around agricultural commodities, such as grain, corn, or sugar, as well as precious metals and resources, such as gold, silver, and crude oil. A trader in this position will be required to analyze and understand the market trends that cause a commodity price to rise or fall.

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