What Are the Different Types of Stockbroker Trainee Jobs?

K. Reynolds
K. Reynolds
Most stockbroker trainees must go through a training program.
Most stockbroker trainees must go through a training program.

There are several types of stockbroker trainee jobs, the responsibilities of which depend upon the investment goals and objectives of the hiring company. Many stockbroker trainee jobs begin by offering a training program to aspiring brokers in an attempt to educate them on the process of becoming a securities broker. Upon completing the training, stockbroker trainees are then required to pass the appropriate licensing examination. In the United States, this would consist of taking the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority® (FINRA®) General Securities Representative Series 7 examination.

Although all stockbroker trainee jobs can prepare an individual to become a stockbroker, the investment goals of the employer can have a dramatic effect on the trainee's role. In the securities industry, a broker serves as a liaison between his or her client and the global financial market. Typical stockbroker trainee jobs prepare individuals for conducting transactional business with a client. In this role, the stockbroker would be responsible for executing trades for a client when he or she is looking to purchase or sell a security, such as a stock or bond.

The Internet has sparked the growth of numerous online discount brokers, which have effectively allowed clients to execute trades on their own without the assistance of a stockbroker. This development has caused some stockbroker trainee jobs to focus more on providing financial advice to clients in the form of market research and analysis. Stockbroker trainees in this capacity will research numerous global investment opportunities in specific market sectors, such as the real estate sector or the technology sector. Upon compiling and analyzing this information, the investment firm will package and sell this research in the marketplace.

Portfolio management is another type of trainee position for brokers. These stockbroker trainee jobs involve working with portfolio managers to create prospective portfolios for new clients or analyzing and managing the risk involved with the portfolios of existing clients. This position requires that the stockbroker trainee make adjustments to a portfolio to maximize investment returns.

At some of the larger and more prestigious investment banks, stockbroker trainees are responsible for completing a wide variety of jobs. Some of these involve conducting technical analysis on a variety of stocks. This position requires that a stockbroker trainee research numerous stocks that exhibit specific traits as measured according to several technical indicators. Trading firms will then use this data to execute trades for themselves as well as the clients that they serve.

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    • Most stockbroker trainees must go through a training program.
      Most stockbroker trainees must go through a training program.