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What are the Different Types of Slate Plaques?

Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland

There are many different styles of slate plaques, from a welcome home sign to an address marker. This kind of plaque may be personalized, featuring the family name or store bought with a message meant for a backyard garden. To add some style outside, there are ornamental plaques, hand painted with vibrant colors and even slate plaques that memorialize pets. For inside the home, there are plaques for displaying pictures of the grandkids and slate plaques that have been etched to serve as an award.

Slate plaques may be rustic or regal, depending on what they are used for. Many plaques are meant to be hung near the front door, displaying the owner’s name or favorite quote. Sometimes a front door plaque will feature dogs, cats or paw prints to welcome visitors. Another popular type of outdoor plaque is a spike plaque, which can be put into the earth surrounding a porch or lining the sidewalk, or driveway and entertaining guests with quaint sayings or jokes.

A piece of slate.
A piece of slate.

In a garden setting, slate plaques often come with colorful paintings on them, which may add a little extra color during the grey winter months. Sometimes this kind of plaque is used to create a sitting area for meditation, offering inspirational quotes or soothing words etched into several slate stones. Slate tends to blend well into a garden, since this natural stone may come in shades of grey, blue and green.

A slate plaque waiting to be personalized.
A slate plaque waiting to be personalized.

Often homeowners will personalize a plaque for a pet that has died, hanging the plaque on a favorite tree to honor the family friend. These slate plaques may be just about any size featuring hand carved pictures, favorite sayings, names and dates. Sometimes this kind of plaque will help ease the family’s grief, creating a special area on the property in which to remember a much loved pet.

Of course, for inside the home there are many different types of plaques, including award plaques, with gold or black lettering, depending on the color of the stone. There are other kinds of indoor plaques too, with anything from recipes to wedding pictures printed on on them. Holidays and change of seasons are also celebrated by hanging different plaques, which may be etched or painted with scenes of pumpkins, turkeys or snowmen.

Perhaps nothing quite says welcome like a slate address marker in front of a home. This kind of address sign can lend an air of permanence and style to just about any abode. With large lettering etched into the stone, the plaque may not only help visitors find their way, but may also give the property more curb appeal.

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    • A piece of slate.
      By: Tyler Boyes
      A piece of slate.
    • A slate plaque waiting to be personalized.
      By: Brad Pict
      A slate plaque waiting to be personalized.