What Are the Different Types of Shower Screen Seals?

Andrew Kirmayer
Andrew Kirmayer
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Shower screen seals come in glass, rubber, or vinyl and are available in a number of varieties based on the shower type and where they are used. A glass seal can be slid onto the bottom of the shower screen, or can be adhered to the surface of the screen. Some are sold in standard sizes while others are custom made, like a rubber seal, which also slides onto the bottom of the screen. Designed to ensure water containment in a shower enclosure, shower screen seals are also available as shower door sweeps, shower threshold seals, and shower door shoes. These can be installed during a shower upgrade or be replaced as normal maintenance when they wear out.

Kits for shower screen seals come with silicon adhesive materials that the installer uses to stick the seal onto the screen. When adhered to the seal, the strip has to be placed in the exact location and position so that it reaches the floor and water cannot leak out. The kits can be bought in either 0.3 inch (about eight millimeters) or up to 0.7 inch (about 18 millimeters) sizes. Little maintenance is required on the user’s part and the seal kits install without any professional expertise.

Glass shower screen seals are designed to slide onto and grip the screen to stay in place. They differ in design depending on whether the seal is being created between the glass and a floor or wall. A seal for closing off a gap between the glass and both the floor and wall is designed differently to stop water from leaking out of the shower. The rubber seal type comes in a range of shapes and sizes that stores often stock, so anyone can slide the seal out and match its cross section with the right type in the store.

Another variation of shower screen seals is the shower door sweep. The bottom of the seal has a broom type edge that slides along the floor as the door moves. A sweep comes in different styles based on how it is fit onto the screen, such as the T Sweep. In this type, part of the vinyl seal slides onto the screen and a perpendicular section makes up the rest of the product. Other shower screen seals include a shower threshold seal, which is designed to redirect water toward the shower tray, and a shower door shoe that creates a seal under a moving door.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips