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What are the Different Types of Short Kimono?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

While the traditional Japanese-style robe is designed to touch the floor when worn, there are those short kimonos that have become quite popular. Short kimonos are worn as robes, dresses, and even fashioned into sweaters. Though the original Japanese-style robe was worn by both men and women, this type kimono is most often worn by women, but there are some designs created specifically for men. Short kimonos range in type from those that are worn after bathing to those that are highly ornate and can be worn as evening wear.

The short kimono, which continues in both its popularity and variety of uses, is fashioned from nearly all types of fabrics and knits. It can be designed to be a loose and light type of garment, or it can be intended to be more form fitting and made of heavier material. The material chosen for the short kimono is largely dictated by the type, design, and purpose of the garment. Short kimonos can be worn as an outer garment, like those that are made of heavier material or a knit. There are also those types that are worn as shirts, which are fashioned from sheer silk-like material.

Woman shopping
Woman shopping

The type of sleeves of the kimono vary greatly in length and width. Though the most popular sleeve is both long and wide, there are many different combinations to be found. Some sleeves are very short, yet they maintain the width of the traditional longer sleeve. These types of kimonos are often worn in the summer or worn with a light, tight-fitting knit shirt underneath of the them. There are those that fall mid-length, with greatly different widths as well.

As for a choice of tie or belt for the short kimono, this seems to be most dependent on the style type and the intended use of the kimono. Those that are worn as dresses often have a belt rather than a tie, while those worn as bathrobes usually will have a tie made from the same fabric as the robe to secure them. The tie is usually knotted at the side on which the crossover falls; however, there are those wearers who choose to knot the tie in the center.

The short kimono is a popular choice for many people, dependent on the distinct type of the garment, as it suits nearly any size body and frame. It can be adjusted as the wearer loses or gains weight, so this proves to be an additional draw when choosing a limited number of pieces for a wardrobe. The huge variation of fabric and knit choices for fashioning all types of short kimonos also lends itself to the garment's continuing popularity. The short kimono is a versatile garment.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping