What Are the Different Types of Science Activities for Preschool?

Kathy Heydasch

Today's preschool classroom focuses on much more than just basic learning of colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Science activities for preschool are available online or through other teaching resources. These are not complex science issues, but instead are basic concepts about science and a child's environment that creates a baseline for more advanced learning later.

Young children can learn basic biology.
Young children can learn basic biology.

Science is a wide and varied subject, so it must be broken down into smaller, simpler topics in order to develop science activities for preschool. Simple topics include geography, botany, biology and many others. The following paragraphs include a variety of simple experiments in which a teacher can explore the many facets of science with his or her preschoolers.

Creating a water vortex using two large soda bottles teach children the properties of liquids.
Creating a water vortex using two large soda bottles teach children the properties of liquids.

The subject of geography provides great opportunities for science activities for preschool. Clay or Play-Doh® can be formed to create hills, mountains and valleys, as well as trees and rivers. Children can learn basic topography lessons and recreate areas they visit on field trips or even recreate the topography around their own home.

Electricity is a complex issue for a preschooler, but teachers can begin to introduce the subject through experiments with static electricity. Kids can rub a balloon against their shirt and watch it stick. Or they can rub their feet against carpet and feel the shock when they touch something. Teachers can discuss lightning as well, introducing safety tips to them. Studying static electricity is a much safer alternative to studying current electricity, but it still introduces them to the concept.

The subject of botany is an easy topic for science activities for preschool. One may have a child collect leaf specimens from trees at home to identify the various types of trees in their geographical area. Kids should also learn about the variety of plants and vegetables that grow. They can make a planter and plant seeds in them.

Biology is another complex issue that can be made simpler through various science activities for preschool. “My body” is a popular topic, and kids can be taught about various body parts and their functions. This is a great way to introduce the senses as well. Not only can the human body be studied, but animals can be studied as well. Many classrooms have pets that the children can learn to take care of, and may serve as a model for biology studies.

Independent learning is also essential for science activities for preschool. Many schools introduce the science project while in preschool to equip them for later studies and competitions. The annual science fair is a common aspect of most schooling, from preschool to high school.

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