What Are the Different Types of Rustic Bedroom Furniture?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
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Rustic bedroom furniture gives the room a feeling of natural beauty without the finished look of processing. This can be accomplished in various ways, but one of the most common types of rustic bedroom furniture is the log furniture design. The pieces of furniture are made from various types of wood, but the wood is not cut straight or otherwise finished to create a smooth, straight look. Instead, imperfections and knots in the wood are left plainly on display to give a sense that the furniture's wood was freshly cut from logs.

Sometimes various woods can be weathered to appear vintage or excessively old. This is a common way to make rustic bedroom furniture that is solid and sturdy, yet aesthetically weathered and worn. The woods are generally darkened and the texture is imperfect; cracks, grains, knots, and pits are common on the wood to give it an older look and feel. The wood may actually be recently cut and processed, but the appearance gives a sense that it has been exposed to regular use for decades. Many furniture makers will use certain techniques to weather the wood quickly without damaging the overall quality to make rustic bedroom furniture of this type.

Other types of rustic bedroom furniture may simply feature woods with grains and tones that give a feeling of unfinished or vintage construction. Some types of oak and mahogany, for example, may not be rustic at all, but the tones and grains give a feeling of simplicity and a charming appearance. Rustic furniture is usually associated with country homes or a backwoods feel, so rustic bedroom furniture is essentially the opposite of modern furniture with clean lines and highly polished finishes. Rustic furniture will generally have a grainier feel and appearance.

Bed frames are the centerpieces of rustic bedroom furniture sets. They will usually feature the same wood used for dressers and night stands so the aesthetic of all the pieces is completely consistent. Furniture builders often have the most creative opportunities with the headboard of the bed; this is where the builder has the opportunity to showcase larger pieces of rustic wood or designs that would imply a more rustic nature. Dressers also afford the builder the opportunity to showcase the natural beauty of the wood, and in some cases, the builder may choose to accent darker woods with lighter veneers or drawers that contrast with the frame.

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