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What Are the Different Types of Ruffle Purses?

Susan Grindstaff
Susan Grindstaff

Purses with ruffles can be purchased in most standard handbag styles, but totes, clutches, and shoulder bags are probably the most common. A ruffle purse is usually considered a casual accessory, but depending on the type of fabric used, one can sometimes work well with business or evening attire. Cotton fabrics are most often used for the ruffling on these bags, but they can also be purchased with ruffling in leather, silk, and other more expensive materials. Many people use fanny packs and satchels rather than traditional purses, and these too are sometimes accented with ruffles.

Small bags such as clutches or fanny packs generally utilize ruffling as an accent rather than an allover component. These ruffle purses usually have ruffling at the top around the opening, or running along the bottom and sides. Often, the ruffling is done in the same material as the purse, but in some cases, contrasting textures or colors are used. In addition, some ruffle purses use ruffling to outline designs or patterns on the surface of the bag.

Purses and handbags may include beaded accents.
Purses and handbags may include beaded accents.

All over ruffling is considered a fairly bold fashion statement, and is more common in large bags such as totes, satchels, and shoulder bags. This type of ruffling is usually horizontal, beginning at the top and cascading in tiers all the way to the bottom of the bag. Vertical ruffling is also used, though generally less common. On these purses, the ruffling makes vertical tiers all the way around the body of the purse, meeting and joining at the side.

Since casual handbags typically see much more wear than those designed for evening or business, these ruffle purses are usually constructed of fabric or materials that are easily laundered. This includes cottons such as calicos, woven plaids, and denim, as well as some types of suede and faux leather. As a fashion accessory, they work well with jeans, simple dresses, and other casual day wear.

Ruffle purses designed for evening fashions are usually made out of more formal, high-end fabrics and materials. Fabrics such as silk, taffeta, and velvet are commonly used and the ruffling is often accented with beaded or jeweled closures. Ruffle purses might be considered an unusual complement to executive or business fashion, but more toned down versions can sometimes work quite well. For this type of fashion statement, a simple ruffle purse done in a single overall color would probably work best.

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    • Purses and handbags may include beaded accents.
      By: Vyacheslav Plyasenko
      Purses and handbags may include beaded accents.