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What Are the Different Types of Raisin Candy?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Raisin candy is a popular snack to eat alone or as part of a mixture, such as trail mix. Kids often like raisin candy, and parents don't worry as much about it because at least they are getting a little bit of fruit and fiber. The most common types include chocolate covered raisins or caramel coated raisins. Another choice is just sugar coated raisins, which are easy enough to make at home as well. Another one of the benefits to eating candy made with raisins is that the raisins tend to be pretty filling, which can cut down on the amount of candy eaten overall.

Chocolate covered raisins are far and away the most common type of raisin candy. There are many different manufacturers that make varieties of this snack, and they are popular choices to sell and purchase at movie theaters. It is not too difficult to make chocolate covered raisins at home with a little effort, however, and many people give this a try as well. Caramel coated raisins are slightly less common, but are a good alternative for people who may not like chocolate as much; the two can also be mixed in a single container for a flavor combination.

Golden raisins.
Golden raisins.

Sugar-coated raisins are another type of raisin candy that is a common snack, especially around the holidays when they are often served with sugar-coated dates an other dried fruits. Sugar-coated raisins are often found in trail mix, along with other things like nuts, granola, or candy pieces such as chocolate chips. Many parents who want to cut down on the amount of sugar their kids eat will make their own trail mix and not include the candy pieces or add nuts, which can make it healthier. There are many different recipes for trail mix that include raisin candy to be found online.

Raisins covered in melted chocolate are a popular and common raisin candy.
Raisins covered in melted chocolate are a popular and common raisin candy.

Of course, raisin candy does not just need to be eaten plain as a snack. There are many different ways to use the chocolate, caramel, or sugar coated raisins in other recipes, such as cakes, cookies, or breads, and they can make great gifts for many situations. Some people even choose to bake raisins into certain types of fudge. Spice cakes, often made with apples, are another favorite recipe to add raisins to, and a caramel coating can add a nice flavor reminiscent of fall. With a little creativity, there are many different ways to make and enjoy various types of raisin candy.

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That is a great point Talentryto! Raisins also add a uniquely-flavored sweetness to chocolate, and compliment it very nicely. I also like raisins in trail mix because they contrast the saltiness of this delicious snack time favorite.


I make chocolates quite often, and I love adding raisins to the chocolate candy mixture. When I do, I feel that I've added something nutritious to the sugary sweet treats!

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    • Golden raisins.
      By: Dionisvera
      Golden raisins.
    • Raisins covered in melted chocolate are a popular and common raisin candy.
      By: Natika
      Raisins covered in melted chocolate are a popular and common raisin candy.