What are the Different Types of Quad Bike Parts?

Dan Cavallari

A quad is an all-terrain vehicle with four wheels that is meant for use over treacherous terrain. To keep a quad bike running, an owner may need to purchase quad bike parts periodically, and he or she can also purchase accessories that can enhance the usefulness of the machine. Quad bike parts range from replacement parts such as wheels, fairings, suspension components, tires, engine parts, and batteries to non-essential but useful items such as trailer hitches and trailers, plows, replacement seats, gun racks, and storage racks. Quad bike parts kits are available as well for customization, repair, and performance enhancement.

Certain tread patterns are better for muddy terrain.
Certain tread patterns are better for muddy terrain.

Perhaps the most commonly replaced quad bike parts are tires. The availability of tires is so vast that a quad bike rider can customize his or her bike for the various conditions in which the riding will take place. Certain tread patterns are better for mud, while others may be customized to perform well in sand. Tire size will matter, and when replacing the tires on a quad, the owner should be sure to purchase tires that will fit on the rims as well as the wheel wells of the quad, if it has any.

Suspension components are an important part of a quad bike.
Suspension components are an important part of a quad bike.

Suspension parts will take a beating throughout the life of a quad, and chances are at some point the suspension systems will need replacing or repair. Plenty of quad bike parts make this repair or replacement possible, and again, size will matter. Certain shocks are made for heavier duty riding, while others are made for racing or other purposes; it is important for the owner to research suspension that will work best with his or her style of riding, as well as with the amount of weight that will normally be loaded on the quad bike. Some quads, for example, are designed to carry extra weight, such as animals killed while hunting. The suspension should be able to hold the weight the quad is likely to carry.

Engine components, exhaust systems, drivetrains, and other controls may need replacing throughout the life of the quad, though these components are less likely to fail regularly or catastrophically. Replacement parts are available, either from the original manufacturer or from aftermarket manufacturers who make the same product at a lower cost. Accessories are more commonly purchased quad bike parts; these accessories may range from plow blades and mounts to lawnmower attachments, or even custom fairing that will help reduce drag and increase speed performance.

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