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What Are the Different Types of Purse Charms?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Purse charms can be as subtle as a single silver bead or as dramatic as a long, furry imitation fox tail. Whether mass-produced or handmade, purse charms are available in a variety of colors, textures and finishes. Charms range in style from peacock feathers and monograms to crystal ferrets. Themes, including animals, professions and sports, are also popular for charms.

Natural elements, such as fur, feathers and leather, are used to make some purse charms. Colorful peacock feathers offer a unique look to a bag, as do bushy, imitation fox tails. Leather is available in a variety of colors and can be carved, cut and shaped into many forms suitable for purse charms. Polished stones and minerals can be wrapped in wire and adorned with beads and findings to create purse charms with a natural feel.

Peacock feathers can be made into purse charms.
Peacock feathers can be made into purse charms.

Personalized purse charms can include a name, initials or simply a motivational word, such as "strength" or "amaze." A variety of professional sports teams as well as types of sports are represented in charms, including hockey, basketball and soccer. Golf, football and biking charms are also available for purses. Charms are also available that are representative of activities, such as roller skating, bowling and surfing.

A leather purse.
A leather purse.

Animals are a popular theme for many types of purse charms, including squirrels, dogs and cats, and a variety of materials are used to make the animal-themed charms. A crochet owl, a resin bunny and a clay mouse are all options for purse charms. Other animal-themed purse charms include a silver paw print, a bamboo raccoon and jade dragon. Some charms are more whimsical, such as a flying pig with wings. Also on the wild side, bugs are used to adorn some charms, including dragon flies, caterpillars and bees.

Another popular theme for charms includes professions, such as nursing and teaching. For pharmacists, technicians and other workers who dispense medicine, there are even charms resembling a variety of pills hooked together with links of chain. Musicians can choose a metal guitar pick-shaped charm with a monogram, and police officers can choose handcuff charms.

Precious metals, stones and crystals are used to make some purse charms, such as a silver snake with a birthstone and a sterling silver clutch purse charm. Some charms feature a religious theme and are adorned with halos, angels and crosses. At the other end of the spectrum, skeleton hands and skulls are also offered as charms.

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    • Peacock feathers can be made into purse charms.
      By: Evgeniya Moroz
      Peacock feathers can be made into purse charms.
    • A leather purse.
      By: Sam D'Cruz
      A leather purse.