What Are the Different Types of Private Equity Software?

Geri Terzo
Geri Terzo
Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

Private equity is a segment of financial services with many different moving parts. Software designed for private equity many focus on one or more of those individual components, including fund raising, portfolio management, and deals. Also, a program might cater to specific investment strategies, such as private equity funds that specialize in acquiring distressed debt assets.

Software programs for private equity could support fund administration, accounting, and operational tasks. A comprehensive software package may allow for add-on components that are tailored to a specific private equity firm's needs. Private equity firms typically maintain investments for five to seven years, and a software program may address potential exit strategies for the assets. Also, some programs include document templates that can help in the marketing process when trying to attract new investors. Useful programs may have built-in templates for reporting information to a regulatory body that is necessary for transparency.

Private equity firms are in the business of building investment portfolios by acquiring businesses or assets. These firms inherit risk by taking chances on floundering businesses or distressed assets that are available at a bargain. There are private equity software programs available that allow industry professionals to quantify and manage risk associated with investments. Programs may also allow users to compare performance of certain investment assets with another barometer using charts, graphs, and tables.

Relationship building is a key component of private equity. The industry is largely about making deals and improving businesses. Private equity software may allow users to manage contacts in a more efficient way and track the status of different deals. A program may also allow users to create investor profiles and organize contacts according to certain stages of the relationship. Users can separate contacts by the method of communication that is preferred, such as electronic mail, fax, or telephone.

Certain private equity shops focus entirely on particular niches in the market. There are private equity software programs available to support individual strategies. To find the best private equity software, it may be worth exploring the programs that are tailored for a certain industry, such as real estate, and comparing it with broader offerings.

Private equity fund of funds are investment firms that pool client assets together to invest in multiple private equity firms. This segment of the market has its own unique set of requirements and needs. Program developers cater to fund-of-fund firms with this highly specialized private equity software.

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc