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What Are the Different Types of Print Media Advertising?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Many businesses take advantage of print media advertising because it is a relatively inexpensive way to reach a wide audience, or a more localized or specific audience. Print media advertising can be done in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books, and other publications, as well as through mailers, flyers, and even business cards. Choosing the best advertising options for a particular business starts with examining the business's target market and finding publications that will cater to those specific demographics. Contacting a particular magazine or newspaper is a good place to start researching the different target markets the business can reach by advertising in this manner.

Print media advertising campaigns can be executed several ways. One way is to simply design an ad and run it in a particular magazine or newspaper. This is usually a simple process that requires a bit of advanced preparation. The business will purchase advertising space from a newspaper or magazine, and the will then design an ad to fit that advertising space. The rates for ad space will vary according to the magazine or newspaper. Savvy business owners will design a print media advertising campaign that will feature an eye-catching ad with all the pertinent information clearly displayed on it. The ad can be a color ad or black and white, and images may be used as well.

Digital print media advertisements are mailed to people's homes.
Digital print media advertisements are mailed to people's homes.

Press releases are effective print media advertising staples that allow a business to give more specific details about a new product, service, event, and so on. Press releases are generally text only, though in some cases photos can be included. The press release must be written well, and it must be brief and to the point. This is a good way to expound upon other ads that may contain far less information. A person reading a press release can glean more information about the company or product, and he or she may be able to find valuable information as to how to discover more about this particular business.

Print media advertising can be done in newspapers.
Print media advertising can be done in newspapers.

Billboards and posters are also considered to be print media advertising. A billboard is a large structure, often found on the side of highways or roads, on which a business can mount a large ad that will reach passing motorists on a consistent basis. These ads can be more expensive than other types of print media advertising options, but it is a good way for a regional or local business to attract customers that would not otherwise pull off the highway to discover the business.

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Discussion Comments


You outlined almost all of the reasons why it is wise, most of the time, to choose print over digital advertising. This is something that marketers and advertisers who have totally migrated to digital media should know about.


Is there an article or blog that outlines best practices for the different print media sources? Our agency has received several requests to aid in print media marketing. It's almost like there's a small shift back to print again. Anyone else noticing this?


Billboards are a highly effective way to advertise. They rope me in at times!

If I am driving while hungry and I pass a giant billboard covered in juicy fried chicken or luscious seafood, I suddenly have an uncontrollable craving for it. Even if I am not hungry at the moment, I make a mental note to eat at whatever restaurant that is for lunch.

I would definitely say that a billboard advertisement would be the absolute best advertising method for restaurants. Giant food is very inviting!


@cloudel - You will be surprised to learn that I actually work in a college town! A large majority of the population is made up of university students.

I will say that the town is also known as a great retirement community. However, we also have plenty of alumni who fell in love with the town and decided to make their homes here. So, we have a healthy range of ages in our community.

Though I can't pinpoint exactly who reads our newspaper, I feel confident that a mixture of age groups still do.


@Perdido - I notice you say you live in a medium-sized town. I think that newspapers do better in medium to small towns than they do in larger towns.

I would be willing to bet that the town you work in has more middle-aged to older people in it than young people. Young ones turn to the internet more and more, and some of them never pick up a newspaper.


Some people claim that newspapers are dying and advertising in them is a waste of money, but I beg to differ. I work for a local newspaper in a medium-sized town, and those who advertise do reap the benefits.

I have noticed that the bigger furniture stores and car dealerships tend to run larger, full-color ads with us. Consequently, these places stay successful. They inform their customers of sales through advertising in print media, and their customers reward them for it.

I have also noticed that the places that advertise the most with us tend to garner the most votes for our "Best Of" section. People in our town really do still read the newspaper.

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    • Digital print media advertisements are mailed to people's homes.
      By: Johanna Mühlbauer
      Digital print media advertisements are mailed to people's homes.
    • Print media advertising can be done in newspapers.
      By: pixelrobot
      Print media advertising can be done in newspapers.
    • Billboards are considered a print advertising outlet.
      By: David
      Billboards are considered a print advertising outlet.