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What are the Different Types of Pool Decks?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The type of pool decks available depend largely upon the type of pool the deck will be accommodating. Pool decks for above ground pools will differ significantly from pool decks for in-ground pools, and the existing aesthetics of the house and surrounding landscape will affect the aesthetic of the pool deck. The most common materials used for pool decks are concrete, brick, stone, ceramic, and wood, and each material has advantages and disadvantages that change depending on the type of pool.

Concrete pool decks are a good choice for in-ground pools. They can be built to suit the size and shape of the pool, and the concrete can form a seamless transition from the deck to the pool itself. Concrete pool decks offer long-lasting strength and they can be painted, decorated, and shaped into countless attractive designs. Concrete decks are permanent structures, however, so it is important to be satisfied with the design of the concrete deck before installing it. The concrete deck must also be planned meticulously before installation to ensure it works with the rest of the yard or surrounding areas, and it matches the decor of the area as well.

Decks for in-ground pools are typically built at ground level.
Decks for in-ground pools are typically built at ground level.

Above-ground pools require a deck that is lifted off the ground as well, so a ladder that goes up and over the lip of the pool does not have to be used. A wooden deck is a good choice for such purposes, as larger structures can be built at a lower cost using wood. A wooden deck is also versatile in terms of shape and size, and it can be torn down after several years if the pool is being replaced or removed altogether. A wooden deck can be built right off the back of a house or other structure, and the wood can be chosen to blend with the decor.

Brick homes often utilize brick decks for the pool area. This matches the decor, but it can be quite expensive to build a brick deck. Stone, too, can be used to build an attractive and strong pool deck, but stonework can be expensive as well, and it can also be difficult to move and maneuver when in the process of building. both of these materials are best for in-ground pools rather than above-ground pools. Many deck designs now feature pool fences to keep unwanted animals and other visitors out of the pool area. Such a fence can also help prevent accidental drownings by preventing people from unknowingly approaching the pool.

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    • Decks for in-ground pools are typically built at ground level.
      By: junej
      Decks for in-ground pools are typically built at ground level.