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What are the Different Types of Plyometric Platforms?

Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth

There are various types of plyometric platforms one can use for strength training and conditioning. Each of these platforms should be sturdy, thus providing a safe surface on which to jump when practicing plyometrics. The shape, material and height, however, may differ between products. Added features, such as the ability to adjust the height on one piece of equipment, could also exist between the different types of plyometric platforms.

Many platforms consist of a square-shaped metal frame with a solid top. On some models, the base is wider than the top, creating slightly slanted sides. A wider base could make this piece of equipment safer, as it is then less likely to tip over. This style usually offers consumers the option of stacking multiple frames of varying heights on top of one another when not in use.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

Plyometric platforms could also be a simple, yet sturdy, box with six sides or five sides with an open bottom. Some people prefer the five-sided version, which makes stacking multiple boxes and storing the platforms simpler. This type of model is often made of wood or steel. Holes may be cut out of the sides to function as handles in order to make lifting and transporting the box easier.

Many frame and box plyometric platforms come in one non-adjustable height. This height could range greatly from just a few inches or centimeters off the ground up to more challenging heights. While these styles typically offer a strong, safe platform, one must purchase multiple pieces of equipment if one desires different heights for different workout routines. Cost and storage are usually the factors that keep a consumer from wanting to purchase several platforms.

On some types of plyometric platforms, height can be adjusted. One may then purchase just one piece of equipment and still gain the benefit of having several platforms of different heights. Some adjustable platforms resemble the square metal frame, but also allow a user to choose one of a few set heights, or increase or decrease the height in increments. Other adjustable styles have several shelves at different heights onto which one can slide the platform.

Still another type of adjustable platform is visually similar to the wooden or metal boxes. Usually, this model comes in a set of three boxes of different heights. They can then be secured on top of one another to build height, or they can be used separately, one at a time.

Plyometric platforms may be used in the home or in a gym. Those used in the home are typically cheaper and not as sturdy, but should be safe for an individual’s use. In a gym, where several people may use the equipment in a day, one will usually find more expensive, deluxe models meant for use by multiple gym goers.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising