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What are the Different Types of Pilates Moves?

Marisa O'Connor
Marisa O'Connor

There are many different types of pilates moves, which aim to increase both strength and flexibility. Different moves target different parts of the body as well as different experience levels. Pilates stretches, mat exercises, and machine workouts are a few different types of moves. Other types of moves include leg moves, arm moves, and core training. Maintaining a regular pilates routine, combined with a healthy diet, is a great way to promote overall health.

Pilates stretches are a great way to warm up before doing more intense pilates moves. Stretches can also be a workout on their own for people looking for a mildly strenuous routine. These stretches mainly target increased flexibility, but they also promote overall strength. A great example of a pilates stretch for beginners is the wall roll down, and a more advanced stretch is the spine stretch.

The plank pose is one move in Pilates.
The plank pose is one move in Pilates.

Pilates mat exercises are a common type of pilates move. Most traditional pilates routines incorporate mat exercises. The mat exercises are differentiated from machine moves because the lack of machinery requires that the person exercising must use his or her own strength to control the body against gravity. In this way, mat exercises are similar to yoga moves. A basic mat move is the pelvic curl, and a more advanced exercise is the open-leg rocker.

Pilates arm moves are a type of pilates move.
Pilates arm moves are a type of pilates move.

Pilates machine moves are another type of pilates move that provides a great workout. Different types of pilates machines include the pilates reformer, which is a bench-like piece of equipment that is attached to a bar with springs that offer different levels of resistance. Another type of machine is the pilates cadillac, which is similar to the reformer, except instead of springs, it has a rolling bar. The pilates wunda chair is another pilates machine that was designed for more beginner or basic moves.

Pilates leg moves are a popular type of pilates moves. These moves are designed to increase strength and flexibility in the legs and hips. Leg circles, single leg stretches, and small circles are some of the most popular leg moves. Different moves can be done on a mat or any of the different exercise machines. It is recommended when beginning any exercise routine to start in small increments and slowly work up to a more advanced workout.

Pilates arm moves are also a type of pilates move. When working out the arms, it is also a good idea to start small and build up a routine in order to get the most out of working out and avoid injury. These exercises can also be performed on a mat or one of the exercise machines. Examples of pilates arm exercises include the side plank, long plank, and pilates push-ups, which all increase strength and flexibility.

Pilates core training is another type of pilates moves. These moves can be done on a mat or exercise machine and work to strengthen and increase flexibility in the muscles of the abdomen, sides, and shoulders. The cat stretch, supine breathing, and sun salutation are just a few of the many pilates exercises that work out the core muscles. Practitioners should also begin these exercises in small increments and work up to avoid injury.

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    • The plank pose is one move in Pilates.
      By: Syda Productions
      The plank pose is one move in Pilates.
    • Pilates arm moves are a type of pilates move.
      By: michaeljung
      Pilates arm moves are a type of pilates move.