What are the Different Types of Pilates for Golf?

Meghan Perry

There are many different types of pilates for golf. These pilates exercises work specifically on parts of the body that are used most during a golf swing. The benefits of pilates for golf include better stability, flexibility, and balance. Improving these areas may reduce the risk of golf-related injuries. Pilates for golf can be done using pilates equipment or on a soft surface, such as a yoga mat, depending upon the exercise.

Yoga can improve a golfer's flexibility.
Yoga can improve a golfer's flexibility.

The abdomen is one of the main focuses of pilates, and this holds true in pilates for golf. By strengthening the abdomen, the risk of shoulder or elbow injury caused by the golf swing is usually reduced. If the abdomen is stronger, the force behind the swing will be stronger and the muscles in the arms will not have to work as hard. Generally, three to five repetitions of each exercise should prove beneficial to the golf swing, although this can vary depending upon the specific exercise.

Some golfers practice pilates exercises that are designed to strengthen the core while boosting flexibility.
Some golfers practice pilates exercises that are designed to strengthen the core while boosting flexibility.

One type of pilates exercise for golf is the push up, which works on core stability and also increases arm and shoulder strength. A more challenging version of the push up is the roll down to push up; in this exercise, people begin in a standing position, reach down with the arms and walk the body into a push-up position. The push-up is then completed and individuals will walk themselves back until they are in a standing position again.

Some pilates exercises work the core and the lower body. One that may help golfers is the single leg stretch, which focuses on two core areas of the body, the hips and abdomen. It is performed by lying on the floor and lifting one leg straight up, while the other leg is pulled in toward the chest. After completed on one leg, the same action will be completed using the other leg. This exercise should help with strength and balance in the golf game.

Another leg exercise is side-lying leg circles. This movement is performed by lying on one side with the arm closest to the floor extended above the head and the other arm on the ground for support. The top leg is raised straight up and then moved in a circular motion in each direction. After completing the exercise on one side, it can be repeated on the other side.

These and other pilates exercises can be beneficial to golfers. While all pilates exercises can benefit both women and men, there are some exercises that are more beneficial to each. Pilates for golf can also be tailored to each individual's needs. Pilates instructors and golf instructors may be certified to teach pilates for golf.

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