What Are the Different Types of Part-Time Night Work?

Lori Kilchermann

There are many types of part-time night work available, from stocking store shelves to cleaning and security jobs. Practically every type of job that is worked during daylight hours is also done as some type of part-time night work. Often, people take on part-time night work to supplement a daytime job or to work around school hours. Occasionally, an employer will place a small premium on night work hours, making the idea of working nights slightly more appealing by increasing the pay.

Parking garages normally have night security guards.
Parking garages normally have night security guards.

Many retail stores employ a staff to complete part-time night work. This work is often stocking shelves, rearranging the store displays and cleaning. The part-time night work is much easier to do when the store is not full of shoppers attempting to find the best deals. Several stores use an increased number of employees to do part-time night work around the holiday seasons. This is the time of year that tremendous amounts of stock are removed from the store on a daily basis and the restocking takes on a completely new status. Often, working within a set amount of time, the night workers completely restock the store so as to have plenty of stock and merchandise available to the buying public the next day.

Much of the cleaning of buildings is done by work crews operating at night.
Much of the cleaning of buildings is done by work crews operating at night.

Much of the cleaning of buildings is done by work crews operating at night. When the office buildings close down for the evening, the cleaning crews typically come in and begin the daily ballet of dusting, washing windows and sweeping floors. Other tasks, such as emptying the waste baskets and waxing the hallways and floors, are also performed by part-time workers after hours. This allows the crews to complete the cleaning and also gives floors time to dry prior to workers arriving to the job place in the morning. In some climates, the job of removing snow from the parking areas and walkways is also completed at night.

One of the most prevalent after-hours jobs routinely done on a part-time basis is that of a night security guard. The security guard patrols an area and makes certain the space is not breached by unauthorized persons. Protecting the property of both the employer as well as the employees, this part-time night worker is often responsible for the security of parking garages, walkways and lounge areas for fellow night shift workers. These workers are often scheduled to slightly overlap the exit time of other workers so as to provide them with the security of a trained professional as they enter and exit the building and parking lot.

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