What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Gym Equipment?

Alex Tree

Outdoor gym equipment is similar to indoor gym equipment, except that it is usually designed to be more durable to survive the outdoors. Multi bars allow for the performing of common exercises like push-ups with extra difficulty and variability. Outdoor sit-up benches and boards are similar to multi bars in that they allow a combination of typical exercises to be performed in different ways. In addition, outdoor wheelchair treadmills allow people in wheelchairs a similar treadmill experience to the one undergone by people indoors.

Some types of gym equipment, such as exercise balls and yoga mats, can be used indoors or outside.
Some types of gym equipment, such as exercise balls and yoga mats, can be used indoors or outside.

Multi bars are bars that look similar to a set of jungle gym bars, but they are meant for serious exercise. The reason the bars are referred to as multi bars is that they are typically set up in groups of four or more, with each bar set at a different height. One kind of exercise that is often performed on them is the push-up. The different heights of the bars allow people to perform push-ups at varying levels of difficulty and target different muscle groups.

Outdoor sit-up benches and boards provide surfaces for outdoor workout enthusiasts to comfortably perform exercises. Both of these devices are typically made of metal and finished with a weatherproof paint. The exercises that can be performed on sit-up benches and boards are not limited to the obvious; in fact, they are often designed so that push-ups and other similar exercises can be effectively performed on them as well. Benches are usually flat, while boards sit at an angle, allowing for different calisthenic experiences. Often, handles and grip bars are built into these pieces of outdoor gym equipment so that more exercise variations are possible.

Another type of outdoor gym equipment is the wheelchair treadmill, which is a treadmill designed to work for people in wheelchairs similar to how a normal treadmill works for people walking or running. The treadmill features a ramp, often designed to prevent slipping, and a main platform with rollers. When a person wants to use this piece of outdoor gym equipment, he or she rolls his or her wheelchair backward up the ramp and then positions the wheels into the middle of the rollers. Most wheelchair treadmills provide a brake mechanism that locks the rollers in place. When working out on this machine, normal wheelchair motions are used to propel oneself.

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