What Are the Different Types of Novelty Cake Pans?

A.E. Freeman
A.E. Freeman
Miniature pans allow bakers to make mini muffins or cupcakes.
Miniature pans allow bakers to make mini muffins or cupcakes.

Types of novelty cake pans range from pans in the shape of popular cartoon characters to pans in seasonal shapes. Some novelty cake pans are three-dimensional shapes while others are flat. The pans range in size from miniature pans that make several small cakes to oversized pans. A few types of cake pans are designed to make specialty cakes, such as bundt cakes or cupcakes.

Novelty cake shapes usually appeal to younger children. Many novelty cake pans come in the shape of popular children's television and cartoon characters. The pans may also come in other shapes that appeal to children, such a sports car or train. Other common novelty shapes include a butterfly, a flower, or numbers, which can be used to bake a cake in the shape of the person's age.

Seasonal cake pans are also available. Pans for making cakes in the shape of a Christmas tree are common. A person can find pans that make a single, large cake or that make several miniature tree-shaped cakes. Other seasonal pans make cakes in the shapes of turkeys, bunnies, or leaves.

Some novelty cake pans have three-dimensional effects. The pans feature ridges that give the finished cake a three-dimensional texture. A common example is the basic bundt pan, which creates a cake in a ring shape, with a bumpy texture. Some bundt cake pans come in the shape of a rose or even a castle. A person can also find miniature bundt pans that are available in many different shapes, including holiday shapes such as Christmas trees.

Miniature novelty cake pans are also available to make standard-size cupcakes or mini-cupcakes. Some pans will make cake pops, which are round balls of cake place on a lollipop stick and dipped into frosting. Other pans will make donut-shaped cakes.

A person can also purchase novelty pans that make cakes in two separate pieces that are meant to be joined together. One pan features an area for pouring batter for the bottom of the large cupcake shape and another area for pouring the batter to make the frosting portion of the cupcake, out of the cake batter. Other large novelty pans include two areas for pouring batter to make a pumpkin-shaped cake or a beehive-shaped cake.

Non-stick novelty pans are available that make removing the cake without damaging the image easier. If the pans are not non-stick, the baker will need to use plenty of oil or butter to help the cake release without damage. The non-stick feature is particularly important on pans that have raised or three-dimensional details.

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@Scrbblechick-- I wouldn't even attempt a character cake unless the pan was a nonstick one. I just wouldn't do it. And even then, I'd coat it in nonstick spray, for good measure.

I really like the shaped tube pans. I've seen some really great ones that were shaped like roses, had swirls around them, and even some shaped like a castle! Not a bad idea for a "Harry Potter" party. I've also seen the pans that were the mini tube pans, for individual cakes. Those have a lot of party potential, too. You could make individual cakes instead of one big one, and they would be different from frosted cupcakes.


All I have to do to know what cartoon characters are popular is to hit the cake decorating aisle and look at the character-shaped pans. They're actually better than they used to be. Now, they have outlines for eyes and mouths, where before, the intrepid homemaker had to figure out where it all went on a vaguely mouse-shaped blank. The pans now are pretty much a stencil.

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    • Miniature pans allow bakers to make mini muffins or cupcakes.
      Miniature pans allow bakers to make mini muffins or cupcakes.