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What are the Different Types of Network Marketing Forums?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

Network marketing forums offer network marketing — also known as multi-level-marketing or MLM — distributors with the opportunity to learn from and interact with each other. Some network marketing forums are geared toward distributors for specific network marketing companies, others are open to representatives from any company. Forums may be sponsored by a specific MLM trainer or speaker, or the forum may simply be owned by an individual with his own website. MLM forums operate can operate in different formats, such as blogs, discussion boards, social networking sites, or mailing lists.

Many forums operate as discussion boards. These boards often have several discussions going on at once, which lets participants select which conversations they wish to enter into. A company-specific network marketing forum will usually focus on that company's news, products, promotions and events. A general MLM forum typically encourages a wide range of discussions between distributors from different companies. Topics in these general forums often include network marketing industry news, recommendations for books, training materials and speakers, as well as marketing strategies. Many bulletin boards are public, which means that anyone with Internet access can read and enter into the discussions.

Social media sites often features discussion boards, photo albums, and the ability to contact members with news.
Social media sites often features discussion boards, photo albums, and the ability to contact members with news.

Some network marketing forums exist as online mailing lists. Messages by a list member are sent to the entire group, who have the opportunity to respond. Some mailing lists are closed, in that a new member must be approved before joining the group. This can give group members some privacy. Mailing list forums are sometimes used by individual distributors who need to interact with their own recruits on a regular basis.

Social media sites sometimes offer individuals and businesses the chance to establish their own online community which often features discussion boards, photo albums, and the ability to contact members with news. Access to these network marketing forums can be limited just to approved members, or open to the public. These social networking communities have the advantage of being accessible to network marketing distributors who are already using social networking as a marketing strategy.

Blogs written by network marketing distributors have the potential to turn into forums, too. While not all bloggers permit comments, those that do may find that their blog takes on the characteristic of a forum. The difference between a blog and other types of forums is that the blogger can usually direct the conversation based on what he or she chooses to write about. While this can limit the topics of discussion, it can also create a forum that encourages deeper conversations about network marketing issues.

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One of the best money making and networking ideas recently is to participate in community banking. Banks are losing their roles as intermediate in providing loans to their participants (clients) from their own money. People start to help each other by helping with money directly.


I belong to more than one network marketing forum, and the ones I find myself reading most often are those that are kept private.

I have found some great network marketing tips by interacting with other people who are involved with the same business I am. Many people are more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise even though they may not be included in the same group as I am.

I think network marketing forums have opened a whole new way of gleaning information and connecting with people I would otherwise never have the chance to get to know.

Like most things, there are network marketing forums that are really beneficial and helpful, and others that aren't worth spending any time on at all.


I found that I really had to start limiting myself to the number of network marketing forums and discussion boards I was participating in. Even though I realize the benefit of them, I found that a whole evening would pass by and all I did was read discussion boards and forums.

I can gain a lot of good information this way, but it also takes away from time I should be actively working on my business. For me, I have to find a balance between participating in forums, and going out and doing the work.

If I have a specific question or product that I want to discuss, I will go to the forum site and search for posts on that topic. This gives me the information I am looking for without spending so much time on them every day.


I belong to a multi-level marketing company and have also made a blog page where I can post articles and information relating to my company, products and services.

This blog has grown and changed along with my business. At the bottom of each blog entry I make, I give readers the chance to make comments. Sometimes I will have several comments on one post, and other times may not have any.

I always enjoy reading the comments and interacting with the people who read my blog. Even though my blog was not set up as a forum site, it can function that way. I see this as one of the many network marketing tools I can use to grow my business.


I belong to a network marketing company that focuses on natural health and nutrition products. I am a member of a network marketing online forum where we can post questions and comments and learn from each other.

Before joining the forum, I had to be approved by a moderator. There are also rules of etiquette that you must follow when you post. I also know the moderator has the ability to edit the comments if there is ever any inappropriate information shared.

This is a great way to interact with others who are involved with the same company. Even though some might see these other people as being my competitor's, I see it as a way to learn a lot of great information that I can use to help myself and my customers.

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    • Social media sites often features discussion boards, photo albums, and the ability to contact members with news.
      By: Monkey Business
      Social media sites often features discussion boards, photo albums, and the ability to contact members with news.