What are the Different Types of Naval Architect Jobs?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis
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Naval architects are responsible for designing, engineering, and repairing both civil and military naval vessels. Naval architect jobs can include design, construction, consultancy, research, regulation, organization, operation, and education positions. Depending upon the position selected, a naval architect's duties can vary drastically.

Naval architecture is a type of engineering that requires an extensive educational background. Most naval architects possess a Bachelor's of science degree in naval engineering, and some naval architects have also acquired a Master's degree in naval engineering. It is rare that a naval architect can obtain a job within this field without some form of formal engineering training.

Naval architect jobs that are design- and construction-based require architects to work with other engineers in order to complete a project. These positions are often contracted to engineers through both military and private organizations. Likewise, consultancy positions are often offered to those architects that can adequately provide naval consulting, though consultation work does not include the actual construction and design of a naval vessel.

While somewhat hard to find, naval research positions also exist. These positions are available to those naval engineers that are skilled researchers. Often, military organizations require naval architects to research the effectiveness of a future or present vessel. Researchers also tend to act as educators for a number of reasons.

Once a naval researcher has gathered enough information regarding a vessel, this information is then presented to an employer. Through collected data, researchers then act to educate a client based upon his or her findings. On occasion, researchers are also asked to present this found information to other organizations.

Some naval architect jobs require a naval engineer to work directly within the military or other organizations. These non-contractual positions are often regulation-based. In this instance, a naval engineer will oversee the construction and design of various naval vessels. This type of position is usually reserved for those architects with some form of military training.

Those who are well-suited for naval architect jobs are often outgoing, analytical, methodical, mathematically-minded, and able to manage large groups of architects, engineers, and other professionals. In addition, many naval architect jobs are highly technical in nature, and those wishing to acquire a technical job must be abreast of recent technology.

Naval architect jobs can be highly stressful, since naval architects are often responsible for the complete construction and seaworthiness of a naval vessel. All completed architecture projects must be safe, economical, and able to perform needed tasks with ease.

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