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What Are the Different Types of Natural Remedies for Cellulite?

Melanie Smeltzer
Melanie Smeltzer

Cellulite is the appearance of small dimples that are the result of fatty deposits accumulating below the subcutaneous layer. Although these dimples are not uncommon, many women and men find them to be unsightly and embarrassing, and because of this, numerous products and homemade remedies claim to eliminate or reduce their appearance. Natural remedies for cellulite have long been a popular option, and often consist of ingredients such as coffee grounds, oatmeal, and oils that contain essential fatty acids (EFAs). Other remedies include lifestyle changes, supplement usage, and specific skincare regimens.

Caffeine is thought to be one of the most beneficial ingredients in both store-bought and homemade remedies for cellulite. Although many feel that consuming caffeine may promote the formation of these fatty deposits, others state that applying it to the skin can help tighten blood vessels, which may help temporarily tighten the skin. Those who swear by this remedy state that scrubbing cellulite patches with moist coffee grounds may not only help tighten the skin, but also exfoliate it while increasing blood flow to the area.

Certain oils can be ingested or applied externally to attempt to eliminate fat.
Certain oils can be ingested or applied externally to attempt to eliminate fat.

Although caffeine is a favorite ingredient in homemade natural remedies for cellulite, oils are also quite popular. For instance, oils containing EFAs, such as primrose, flax, and borage, can be taken internally or applied externally to promote a reduction in fat. Additionally, essential oils like juniper berry, grapefruit, and rosemary are thought to help detoxify the body, stimulate the system, increase circulation, and reduce water retention.

Some natural remedies for cellulite consist of common-sense lifestyle changes, such as increasing water intake, quitting smoking, and exercising regularly. Other lifestyle changes can include things like following a specific diet plan, creating skincare routines, or consuming supplements. Foods rich in EFAs and amino acids, whole grains, organic fruits, and lean proteins are all essential in a cellulite-reducing diet plan.

Skincare-related natural remedies for cellulite often include using lotions made with essential oils, skin brushing, and massage. Lotions can be made with a moisturizing base of shea butter, and oils such as cypress, lemon, and geranium. Both skin brushing, which consists of gently brushing the skin with a soft-bristled brush, and massage are said to help increase blood flow and encourage the elimination of wastes and toxins. Supplements are also thought to be useful, and can include such ingredients as apple cider vinegar, bromelain, and horse chestnut.

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    • Certain oils can be ingested or applied externally to attempt to eliminate fat.
      By: mrks_v
      Certain oils can be ingested or applied externally to attempt to eliminate fat.