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What are the Different Types of MLM Software?

Deborah Walker
Deborah Walker

There are several different types of multi-level marketing, MLM, software, for both Windows and Mac operating systems. These include full-featured software packages that can either be downloaded or web-based. Full-featured software has the essential components needed to run a successful multi-level marketing business. These include administrative, e-commerce, payment processing, and website analytics components. In addition to an all-encompassing software package, MLM software that performs these functions individually may also be available separately for purchase or as shareware.

Full-featured MLM software has virtually all of the administrative components necessary to run an MLM business. These components include the ability to track the MLM representatives' sales, downlines, and recruitment efforts as well as your own sales. In addition, one can create self-replicating websites, and back office, and email accounts for each representative using the full-featured MLM software. Individual administrative software can be purchased or found as shareware online. The free online versions have very limited capabilities and may not, however, be the best choice for everyone.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

The e-commerce component of full-featured software typically includes a shopping cart and payment processing function. Settings that accommodate the different compensation programs, including binary, Australian, matrix, and others, are often found in full-featured MLM software. Two other common functions of the software include the ability to track sales and pay commissions through checks, direct deposit, or via an online payment center.

Website analytics software provides information about a website's visitors. The information may include the number of unique visitors to the site, how long each visitor remained, which pages were visited, and similar data. This provides useful information when when designing a marketing campaign. Although website analytic programs come with many full-featured and individual MLM software, free website analytics programs can be used to gather the same type of information.

One function of lead generation software is forwarding a company representative the contact information that was left by a website visitor. Lead generation software may also be used to gather contact information left at classified advertising websites, forums, groups, and other Internet websites. This information is most often compiled into a list and passed on to a representative who may then use the leads as part of an advertising campaign. MLM lead generation software may not be essential to running a business, and it is usually not included in the full-featured MLM software packages. It can, however, often be purchased separately, or downloaded for free.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up