What Are the Different Types of Mexican Decor?

Sheri Cyprus

While the different styles of Mexican decor are often overlapped, for example by combining artwork from different parts of Mexico, there are still three main types. Country, Southwestern and modern are three popular kinds of Mexican home decor looks. Each has a distinct color scheme while maintaining the unique overall rusticity of Mexican interior design.

Colorful tiles and pottery are typically part of Mexican country-style homes.
Colorful tiles and pottery are typically part of Mexican country-style homes.

Mexican country home looks date back to Colonial times. This casual style, which is a mixture of Spanish and Native American design influences, is usually associated with ranch homes and cabins such as those in the Durango and Jalisco regions of Mexico. In this type of country decor, there tends to be a lot of wooden furniture that may be made from cedar, pine or sabino, also called Mexican cypress, wood. The pieces are typically sturdy and of high quality. Predominant colors in country Mexican decor are greens and browns as well as yellow, red and blue.

Colorful tiles often appear in both kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms in Mexican country home styles. Colorfully detailed pottery may be placed around the home such as on dresser tops and the fireplace mantle. Other common accents in country types of Mexican decor include candles and light fixtures to add a warm touch.

Southwestern decor also involves a lot of color and pattern, yet there is also often a strong contrast with those elements and dark woods. Bright colors such as yellow, orange and red are typically used in rooms with dark brown wood flooring and furniture. Leather seating is common in Southwestern Mexican decor as are wall mirrors trimmed in decorative tin. Baskets and pottery in wonderful patterns and vivid colors add flavor. A major difference between Southwestern and Mexican country decors is that the latter often features more earth tones.

Modern types of Mexican interior design tend to have even more of a focus on neutral colors. Instead of a lot of color, ample combinations of textures often appear in modern Mexican decor. For instance, a gray toned stone feature wall may be in a room with black, straight-lined wrought iron furniture. Leather seating may be combined with metal legs.

Accent pieces in modern Mexican decor often include wrought iron wall racks and light fixtures. Woven, neutral or patterned area rugs may be used on the floors. Bursts of color are usually added to modern Mexican interiors by floral accents, throw pillows and paintings or pictures on the walls.

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