What Are the Different Types of Metal Bedroom Furniture?

Erin J. Hill

Metal bedroom furniture comes in all styles, colors, sizes, and types. Virtually any furniture item can be constructed of metal, including beds, dressers, vanity tables, and nightstands. Furniture may be made from various types of metal depending on the style and purpose of the item. Some metal bedroom furniture may also feature components made from other materials for a unique look and additional function.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Beds are the most common type of metal bedroom furniture, although matching items can also be made of metal. Nightstands, for instance, are often made of metal and sold to match the coordinating bed. Dressers and chests can also be made of various metals, although this is less common unless additional materials are used. For instance, a dresser may have a metal frame with wood or composite board drawers. More contemporary or modern pieces may be all metal, however, because metal can be made into various shapes and painted in high gloss and colorful hues.

Metal bedroom furniture can be made in various styles. Wrought iron is often used to create ornate and more elegant pieces which feature scrolled accents and curled legs, headboards, or handles. Modern items may have a basic modular shape combined with chrome, glossy paints, or fun colors. Other items may combine one of these general looks with more traditional wood components to create furniture which matches easily with both contemporary and traditional decor themes.

Many times metal bedroom furniture is also constructed from various types of metal. Steel furniture is typically made for strength, while wrought iron is both durable and stylish. Aluminum may occasionally be used as well because it's lightweight while still being strong, although this is less common with indoor furniture items.

There are many benefits to using metal furniture rather than wood or similar materials such as particle board. Metal is durable and lasts longer without losing quality or visual appeal. It is also much less prone to damage, since wood can often chip, scratch, dent, or break. It is easier to paint metal furniture the color of one's choice than it is to sand, stain, or paint wood. Many metal furniture items also feature powder coated paint to prevent scratches and fading, making it even more durable.

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