What Are the Different Types of Media Room Seats?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Home theater seats may include a matching ottoman or footrest.
Home theater seats may include a matching ottoman or footrest.

Media room seats may be anything from sofas to sectionals to reclining chairs. Media room seating is generally designed to provide comfort and practicality for use in a home theater or entertainment room. Many seats designed for a media room are upholstered in leather, although other materials may be used as well. Some home theater seats are created in space-saving designs, also referred to as wall huggers, while others are chaise lounge styles. Home theater seats may also include a matching ottoman or footrest.

Depending upon the size of a home theater, seating may include one large sectional or chairs that are placed side by side. Most media room sectionals are designed to be customizable and configured to a room's dimensions. Many sectionals include convenient storage compartments to hold mugs and television remote controls. Most sectionals offer at least one seat that reclines.

Manual reclining chairs are commonly used for media room seats, as these are generally affordable and practical. Media room seats that recline with the use of a motor are typically more expensive. Some people do not prefer media room seats that are motorized because they are more likely to require repair due to mechanical failure.

Some types of media room seats are designed with soft cushions, while others offer medium or firm support. Chairs and sofas for home theaters may also be made with memory foam inserts. Media room seating made with memory foam may offer support for those with special needs, such as back problems.

In addition to reclining chairs, sofas and sectionals, a loveseat may also be used in a home theater room. This type of seating typically accommodates two occupants. Love seats for a media room may also be part of a set with a sectional or sofa.

Homeowners may have media room furniture custom made with special features they request from manufacturers. Some media room chairs feature pull-out removable trays for holding snacks. Other chairs feature a side compartment for holding magazines. A chair for the home theater room may have a high pillow-top back or be a low profile design. A home theater seat may also be designed as a rocker recliner.

Some home theater room seats are ergonomically constructed to prevent stress on joints. Many of these home media chairs require floor mounting and assembly. Many furnishings are made of flame-retardant leather, vinyl, or fabric upholstery. Micro fiber is another popular material for home theater seating, as it is generally easy to clean and care for.

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    • Home theater seats may include a matching ottoman or footrest.
      Home theater seats may include a matching ottoman or footrest.