What Are the Different Types of Loft Storage Solutions?

Emily Pate
Emily Pate
Begin planning by measuring the area.
Begin planning by measuring the area.

Loft storage solutions include a range of techniques that involve using available space, furniture choice, and finding homes for items underneath surfaces. Vertical and wall shelving and customized units with built-in storage work with a loft's floor plan or architectural design and provide homes for various items. Certain furniture pieces can also double as storage, as can areas underneath desks, tables, and counter tops.

Making use of vertical space provides a variety of loft storage solutions, since it's typically in abundance in this type of home. Vertical shelves can store plenty of books, supplies, and collections with a comparatively small footprint. Floating or hanging shelves take up no floor space at all. Corner shelves make use of rooms with odd angles, and shelves installed high can provide a place for rarely-used items. Tall book towers or spines stack books flat rather than across, taking up less horizontal space.

Some pieces are made especially for providing studio or loft storage solutions. Room divider units with plenty of built-in storage shelves, drawers, and cubbies partition a loft's expansive space while providing a place to store goods. They may be used in place of a headboard, offering clothing storage on one side and doubling as an entertainment center on the living side. Some companies specialize in under-floor storage for a sophisticated and discreet option.

Carefully-chosen furniture provides more loft storage solutions. Small pieces like ottoman cubes, coffee tables with drawers, and storage benches can be bought for their form and ability to hide items. Vintage suitcases stacked flat can provide storage for smaller items, and they work well as a side table near a reading nook or sofa. Trunks can double as coffee tables or play surfaces for a children's area. These eclectic items also capture the vintage-chic style that lofts often have.

Loft storage solutions also include using normally neglected space under desks, counters, and beds. Loft beds free up floor space for a sitting area or small home office. A standard-height bed can also have long, slender bins tucked beneath to save space elsewhere. Compact office or dining chairs can be tucked under the desk or table. Replacing low kitchen cabinets with open shelving offers more space and also creates an element of visual lightness, adding to a sense of order and ample room.

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    • Begin planning by measuring the area.
      Begin planning by measuring the area.