What are the Different Types of Lawn Mower Games?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree
A man using a lawn mower.
A man using a lawn mower.

There are essentially two categories of lawn mower games: real-world lawn mower games and Internet-based lawn mower games. When racing real lawn mowers, the goal is generally not to mow as much lawn as possible, but to drive to a finishing line. In online games, the goal is often to cut grass and beat a timer, but there are also online games that focus on racing lawn mowers. The rules and goals of these games can vary significantly from region to region, with some countries taking lawn mower racing more seriously than others. For example, in the United States, there is an official lawn mower racing association.

There is a lawn-mower racing association in the U.S.
There is a lawn-mower racing association in the U.S.

When racing real mowers, home lawn mowers are generally not used. Racing mowers do not have blades meant to cut grass, nor do they resemble a lawn mower meant to upkeep a lawn. For safety reasons, racing mowers are often made with parts taken from commercial mowers or purchased new, until the final product is a speed machine that meets the safety guidelines outlined by a competition.

Many lawn mower racers do not race for profit, only for fun and sport. Occasionally, a competition gives money to everyone who competes to cover the competitors’ racing expenses and increase the chances of people entering the competition in the future. Other competitions do give money to winners, but this amount is usually insignificant compared to more popular sports. Lawn mower racing is a niche hobby that draws a relatively small crowd and therefore usually has few sponsors because of low advertising potential.

Less dangerous lawn mower games are ones that are Internet-based, but these are primarily meant for young children. There are hundreds of games based on lawn mowers, coded by both freelancers and large mower companies. These games have difficult goals, obstacles, and rules. For example, a lawn mower game meant for kids might have several lawns to mow, and the gamer must avoid barking dogs, flowers, and other everyday obstacles someone might run into when lawn mowing.

Other online lawn mower games are meant for older kids and have more extreme obstacles. For example, the gamer must navigate the mower through fire and other extreme obstacles. These games are usually considered adventure games, but there are lawn mower games that focus more on strategy. The vast majority of online lawn mower games are free to play because of how niche the market is.

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My boys enjoy playing lawn mower games online. There are several places where you can play these free games online.

I don't know why the lawn mower games are such a draw for them, but they have challenged themselves to keep getting to the next level.

When they are old enough to help mow the lawn, I don't know if their experience from playing these games will be an asset or not!

Maybe they will be a little bit more aware of the obstacles they could run in to, but hopefully they will not look at using the lawn mower as a game.


My husband is one of those few people who really has a lot of fun with lawn mower games. They started out with just 2-3 of them, but their small group grows a little bit every year.

Our small town has a parade every year on the 4th of July, and they all like to ride their lawn mowers in the parade.

Later on in the day when there are all kinds of activities going on around town, they participate in some of their lawn mower games.

Ever year, they add at least one more member to their group after someone has seen how much fun they are having.

Because most of the guys use a small lawn mower, many younger boys are also quite interested, but they have kept the 'membership' to adults only.


@drtroubles - My cousin purchased a lawn mower and ended up using it in a local lawn mower race on a dare. He actually had a lot of fun driving it through the course that was set up. It takes a surprising amount of skill to drive a lawn mower like you would a race car.

As far as modifying your lawn mower goes, you should contact whomever is running the event and ask them if it is OK to make changes to your machine. From what I can tell most people who are into lawn mower racing do modify their machines and take it just as seriously as if they had a real race car.


Does anyone know if there are rules when it comes to the lawn mower equipment that you are allowed to use in a race?

My friends are dragging me to a state fair and are seriously considering getting one of the cheap lawn mowers for sale in our city and modifying it so that they can enter the race. I know they like car racing and motorcycle events, but it is hard for me to get into the whole lawn mower games thing.

I suppose it could be funny to watch a bunch of men race around on garden lawn mowers and try to beat one another. I guess I will have to wait and see how everything goes.

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    • A man using a lawn mower.
      A man using a lawn mower.
    • There is a lawn-mower racing association in the U.S.
      There is a lawn-mower racing association in the U.S.