What Are the Different Types of Laser-Cut Art? (with picture)

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann
A laser cutter is used to cut a sheet of metal.
A laser cutter is used to cut a sheet of metal.

Laser-cut art is available in a wide array of materials, including wood, metal and even paper money. The size of laser artwork varies, from dainty earrings and ornate coasters to tables. Laser-cut metal wall panels and screens can add an artistic touch to an entryway or garden area on a large scale. Many types of laser-cut wall art are available, including paper cuttings of sports logos, inspirational verses and outdoor scenes.

Some artists create art by laser cutting unusual items, such as vinyl records, cash or leather. Records can be cut into a variety of shapes for wall art and the name of the song on the record label can add deeper meaning to the piece. Stacks of cash can be laser cut to create artwork suitable for framing. Using a tall stack of bills allows the piece to have depth, as different design elements on the bills will be left near the surface and others will be trimmed back to the bottom of the stack.

A wide variety of laser-cut artwork that is suitable for nearly any decor is available, including American Western and Southwest and nature scenes. Deer, bear and fish are often depicted in their natural habitats in laser art, and are often cut from wood or metal. Cowboy and cactus silhouettes are available in laser-cut art, as are pictorial scenes, such as mountains, streams and deserts. Hunting and fishing scenes are also depicted in laser-cut art, as are vignettes of ducks and geese on the water and in flight.

Larger pieces of laser-cut art include furniture, such as tables, chairs and wall panels. Some artists use lasers to create chairs that resemble rock formations, while others have a sleeker and modernistic style. Wall panels and screens that have laser-cut designs on them can reach as tall as ceilings in a home or business. The panels and screens can be used as an entryway to a garden, a privacy surround encircling a pool or hot tub area or a focal point in a business' lobby.

Holiday laser-cut art, such as Christmas ornaments, is available in wood, acrylic and metal materials. Laser-cut wood Aztec calendar plates and decorative trivets offer both form and function, serving as artwork when not in use. The trivets can be laser cut from assorted materials, including thick felt material. Laser-cut art includes a wide assortment of paper items, from 3-D animals to maps and famous landmarks. Laser-cut art also includes jewelery, which is laser cut from both hard and soft materials, including acrylic and leather.

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    • A laser cutter is used to cut a sheet of metal.
      A laser cutter is used to cut a sheet of metal.