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What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Booths?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Kitchen booths can be great space savers but can also create a terrific look in the home. From the vintage red leather or faux leather restaurant styles complete with chrome to the breathtakingly contemporary, there are numerous terrific styles available. While style is a largely important attribute for most people, the ability to save space and create a streamlined seating area can be just as important.

While restaurant booths, especially the vintage variety, can be popular choices, there are plenty of newer and home-specific designs available from which to choose as well. While an old-time diner booth can add charm to a kitchen, such a style does not complement every home or design plan. One can find everything from clean lines to intricately detailed woodworking in kitchen booths. Aside from aesthetics, the ability to fit seating into a kitchen that was not designed as an eat-in kitchen, or the ability to add additional storage, are also key elements.

Custom booths may be designed for a breakfast nook.
Custom booths may be designed for a breakfast nook.

Kitchen booths can be very versatile too. With some styles, one side of the table offers booth seating while the other side may use chairs. The pieces can be changed out as needed. With sets that offer such variations, an expandable table or one with leafs that can be added or removed, would be a good option.

The L-shape design is fairly common and works well for a corner booth. It surrounds one length and one side of the table with bench seating. The U-shape or horseshoe shape surrounds three sides of the table with bench seating. In some cases, the pieces are permanent while in with other kitchen booths the pieces can be added, removed, or adjusted as necessary for more or less seating capacity.

Kitchen booths can be made from many different materials. The structures are often made from wood or metal. The seating can be anything from simple cushions to upholstered benches. Leather seating is also an option. If fabric is used, it is generally a good idea to treat the fabric with a stain resistant solution.

The do-it-yourself homeowner may choose to build kitchen booths or create banquette seating. There are plans available for building different sizes and types of booth seating. The key is in acquiring proper measurements. Once the exact dimensions are accurate, the perfect style can be chosen. Both purchased and handmade kitchen booths can be designed not only to save space as a unit but also to provide additional storage, either open or hidden, beneath the bench seating.

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    • Custom booths may be designed for a breakfast nook.
      By: Daniel X. O'Neil
      Custom booths may be designed for a breakfast nook.